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Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE EF500PB
Yorkville EF500PB Powered Speaker Price: $1,559.20
EF500P - Powered Speaker - 800w, 15 inch / 2 inch The EF500P redefines performance in a high-power professional active loudspeaker enclosure. Utilizing the popular lite EF508 as a base, and adding a total More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE MBEF500PKIT
Yorkville EF500P Powered Speaker Cabinet Price: $1,479.20
Yorkville EF500P Powered Speaker Cabinet

Image of Yorkville Yorkville NX750P Powered Speaker
Yorkville NX750P Powered Speaker Price: $979.00
NX - Not all man made materials are created equal, acoustically speaking. . . NX series enclosures are manufactured using tough, lightweight, low resonance, variable density composite materials. In addition More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE NX55P
Yorkville NX55P Powered Speaker Price: $849.00
NX Series NX55P - Active Speaker - 550w, 12 inch / 1 inch The new NX55P active speaker enclosure uses a combination of amplifier technologies to create the best combination of lightweight enclosure and More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE E10P
Yorkville E10P Powered Speaker Cabinet Price: $799.00
E10P - Powered Speaker - 350w, 10-inch/1-inch The E10P is an advanced, compact two-way active loudspeaker designed for a wide variety of pro-audio applications. Innovative processing is built-in to ensure More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE MBNX25P
YORKVILLE NX25P Lightweight Powered Loudspeaker 200 Watts Price: $499.00
NX Series NX25P - Active Speaker - 200w, 12 inch / 1 inch The new NX25P offers the best value in a 12-inch and horn active loudspeaker cabinet. The cabinet enclosure is the same proven design as the NX250 More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE YX15P
Yorkville YX15P 300 Watts Powered Speaker Price: $429.00
YX Series Overview The YX Series delivers maximum performance in the most cost effective loudspeaker line ever offered by Yorkville Sound. Engineered in North America, the YX Series benefits from Yorkville's More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE C170P
Yorkville C170P 100W Powered Speaker Price: $279.99
Coliseum Mini Series C170P - Powered Speaker - 100w, 8 inch / 1 inch The Coliseum Mini Series - designed for fixed installation. After years of experience with enclosure design, it was logical for Yorkville More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE C120P
Yorkville C120P Coliseum Series loudspeaker 80Watt Powered Price: $149.99
Coliseum Mini Series C120P - Powered Speaker - 80w, 5 inch / tweeter The Coliseum C120P is a high-end installation speaker, featuring specially treated drivers and a sculpted ABS plastic enclosure. This More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE NXF35U
Yorkville NXF35U Complete Steel U Bracket Flying Hardware Price: $119.00
NXF35U - Steel U-Bracket and flying assembly The U-Bracket Flying Hardware Kit from Yorkville Sound allows enclosures to be mounted in more ways than standard shackle and cables allow. By using the NXF35U More...

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE NXF35W
Yorkville NXF35W Wall Mount Bracket for NXF35U/NXF35OU Price: $36.00
NXF35W - Wall Mounting Bracket (to attach NXF35U assembly to wall or pillar)

Image of Yorkville YORKVILLE NXF35A
Yorkville NXF35A Array Link Bracket for NXF35U/NXF35OU Price: $24.00
NXF35A - Array Link Assembly (to properly array and space out multiple NXF35U Flying assemblies