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Shopping Guide for Churches

MusiciansBuy is an avid supporter of praise and worship associations. To address the needs of our praise and worship communities, we have an internal Church and Worship Division dedicated to serving the needs of our customers.

Benefits of the MusiciansBuy Church Division

  • Customer Focused!
  • Knowledgeable & Courteous Product Specialist dedicated to serving you
  • Professional Shipping Specialists communicating with you every step of the way
  • Huge Inventory and Selection
  • An Employee owned company
  • FREE Personalized Technical Support

MusiciansBuy / LCFI Leasing Program

As businesses and churches prepare to grow in a new millenium, many are searching for proven new ways to address their equipment financing challenges. The old ways won't meet today's and tomorrow's needs. The choice for many businesses is clear: equipment leasing. Choosing to lease is a smart way to acquire equipment. LFCI understands music and pro audio gear, and will provide the expertise to provide lease arrangements that will suit your needs.

The Benefits of Leasing

  • 100% financing for gear, installation, training, software, service contract
  • Creative Payment options such as - $99 per month for the first six months
  • Write off 100% of your purchase up to $100,000 (consult your tax professional)
  • Add or upgrade equipment to your lease at any time
  • Establish up to $150,000 lease credit with one simple application
  • Keep your personal credit clear with a business lease
  • Flexible special payment options to meet your budget

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Praise and Worship Discounts

The team at MusiciansBuy are here to support all your needs including your budget. To address this, we have special discounts from top suppliers such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Audio Technica, Alesis and many more! Due to our hard work, committment to our customers and budget needs, we pass this savings on to you. Call us today and ask how your church can save!

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