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Key Product Features Summary

  • Keyboard and Product of the Year (Music & Sound Retailer)
  • GHS(Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action keyboard w/88 keys
  • Includes stand, sustain pedal, power adaptor, music rest
  • 500 XGlite/GM voices including a "Live" stereo grand piano sample
  • Full arranger capabilities with 150 styles and a performance assistant
  • 6 track sequencer for recording with 30 internal songs
  • Yamaha Education Suite w/interactive lessons for keyboards skill development
  • Large blue backlit display with Score and Lyric display
  • (2) USB connections- to computer and to device (for jump drives,..)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) - 55-1/16" x 18" x 6"• Weight with keyboard stand: 56 lbs. 3 oz

88 hammer action keys with 500 sounds and auto arranging for a very low price


YPG-625 is Yamaha's most piano like ever, with weighted graded hammer actions, ultra-real feel and more! All the best sounds are available at the push of button and recording virtuoso performances is simple with built-in recorder. The Yamaha Education Suite and USB connectivity (USB to Device) add functionality.

Portable Grand Piano with All the Extras!
The YPG-625 is Yamaha's first 88-key Graded Hammer System weighted action portable keyboard, and it includes all the features with the addition of the look and sound of an acoustic piano - piano-style keys, a wooden stand, and a sustain pedal. The YPG-625 brings Yamaha Style and Voice technology to a price that every aspiring or professional musician will love. In addition to its ultra-modern enhancements, it also offers weighted action. It's an incredible value!

Yamaha YPG-625 Portable Grand Piano at a Glance:

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, the keys of the lower notes have a heavier touch, while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing. The keyboard's sensitivity can even be adjusted to match your playing style. This Graded Hammer technology also enables the instrument to provide authentic touch in a lightweight instrument.

Insert a USB flash memory in the USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument. It would let you save or load the registered settings and user songs created on the instrument, as well as read data from the connected device.

USB TO HOST Terminal
Dive in and take advantage of the wide world of computer music software. Connections and setup are exceptionally easy, and you can play back your computer recorded parts with different instrument sounds - all from a single instrument.

Easy Song Arranger
In addition to each song's default style, you can select any other style to play the song with the Easy Song Arranger feature. This means that you can play a song that is normally a ballad, for example, as a bossa nova, as a hip-hop tune, etc. You can create totally different arrangements by changing the style with which a song is played. You can also change the song's melody voice and the keyboard voice for a complete change of image.

Music Database
You want to play music in your favorite style, but you're not sure how to select the best voice and style for the type of music you want to play ... simply select the appropriate style from the Music Database. The panel settings will automatically be adjusted for the ideal combination of sounds and style!

Performance Assistant Technology (P.A.T.)
Play along with a song on the instrument's keyboard and produce a perfect performance every time ... even if you play wrong notes! All you have to do is play on the keyboard--alternately on the left- and right-hand ranges of the keyboard, for example--and you'll sound like a pro as long as you play in time with the music.

Amazingly Realistic Sounds
Yamaha's highly acclaimed Sweet! and Cool! Voices deliver incredibly natural and dynamic sound. Use the Pitch Bend wheel, and hear these Voices--especially the Sax and Trumpet--truly come alive!

Live!, Cool! and Sweet! Voices
A huge palette of acoustic and electronically amplified instrument sounds. A blend of long, stereo and multi-layered samples is used to fully capture the natural presence, resonance, expression and vibrato of the real instrument.

Portable Grand Button
Playing piano is fast and easy with Yamaha's Portable Grand function. One dedicated button brings up a great sounding piano, stunningly rich and authentic in its sound and exceptionally responsive to your playing touch, as well as setting up the keyboard to play as a piano.

Easy Performance with Music Notation Display
When you play back a song, the corresponding score will be shown on the display as the song plays. This is a great way to learn how to read music. If the song contains lyric and chord data*, the lyrics and chords will also appear on the score display. * No lyrics or chords will appear on the display if the song does not contain the appropriate lyric and chord data.

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is an advanced set of helpful learning tools built into the instrument, letting you teach yourself how to play and perform. Y.E.S. helps you master a song with easy lesson steps. Each lesson can be done in isolation with either your left hand or right hand, or both.

A great piano for all levels of players
88-key piano with USB MIDI and file transfer capability
One button push calls up premium-quality piano sound

A great piano for all levels of players
The Yamaha YPG-625 portable keyboard is sure to appeal to keyboard players of all levels, from beginners to serious hobbyists and semi-professionals. The YPG-625 features USB functions, 32 notes of polyphony, recording capabilities and built-in speaker systems. Performance Assistant Technology ensures error-free performances, Music Database offers complete keyboard setups by song title, and Yamaha's ultra-realistic Portable Grand function is activated by the press of a button. The built-in Yamaha Education Suite incorporates progressive exercises and timing lessons to help develop two-hand proficiency.

88-key piano with USB MIDI and file transfer capability
The 88-key YPG-625 features Yamaha's Graded Hammer System weighted actionfor a realistic playing feel. USB MIDI connectivity provides quick and easy connection to a computer and the Internet. It also includes a 6-track song recorder and Portable Keyboard Styles.

One button push calls up premium-quality piano sound
With the push of one button, the YPG-625 allows you to call up the the high-resolution Live! Grand Piano stereo sample and just play. USB connectivity allows you to load additional songs in the keyboard that you want to learn to play using the Yamaha Education Suite features. In addition, there are five types of Master EQ settings that allow you to tweak the sound to your liking.

Yamaha YPG-625 Portable Grand Features:
Stand, sustain pedal, PA5 adaptor included

88 Graded Hammer System piano-type keys
Live! Grand Piano stereo sample
Score and Lyric display
USB and PC button for easy computer connectivity
Full Keyboard and Multi-Fingering modes
Five types preset Master EQ
Music database features 267 setups by song title
Yamaha Education Suite interactive lessons
500 XGlite/GM voices, 8 Sweet!, 3 Live!, 5 Cool!
Performance assistant
Dual and Split mode
150 styles
32-note polyphony
30 internal songs, 70 more on CD
Backlit display and panel lights
Pitch bend wheel
6-track sequencer
Easy Song Arranger: re-mix MIDI files and play it your way
Sustain pedal and headphone jacks
2-way stereo speakers with bass ports
Music Rest

Included Accessories: PA5, CD, Manual, Music Rest and Pedal

The USB-Midi driver is available at this site:

Warranty Information:

Tech Support 714.522.9011 (Pianos -3Years parts and labor / Pro audio- 1 year parts and labor / Power amps/speakers- 3 years parts and labor / PSR keyboards- 1 year parts and 90 days on labor / Pro keyboards- 1 year parts and 1 year labor / Edrums- 1 year parts and 90 days on labor / Guitars/Acoustic- lifetime limited / Guitars/Electric- 1 year parts and 1 year labor) The P, N, YDP, PF, CP,DGX640(excluding P65 & YDP131) series digital pianos now have a limited warranty for 3 years parts and 3 years labor.Yamaha Website
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Yamaha products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Yamaha YPG-625 88-key Weighted Portable Grand with FREE BENCH and FREE SHIPPING !!


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Customer Reviews:

Review of Yamaha YPG-625 Portable Grand Piano YPG625PACK Discontinued

Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality 8
Features 8
Ease Of Use 9
Value 8
Reliability 10
Overall 8

Based on 4 Reviews.

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Review of YAMAHA YPG-625


Sound Quality 7
Features 7
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 8
This piano is ideal for me. I'm a pretty good pianist, but I'm not particularly interested in playing out or in recording I just want a digital piano to play in my house when I have spare time. I don't really know that much about any of the features on it, because all the different fake instrument sounds and random drumbeats are not what I really care about. The transpose function is useful, though. I find the volume to be pretty much adequate for inside a small room, but this piano's speakers aren't that powerful and the sound gets tinny if you turn it up too high. If you play at a reasonable volume of 60dB or so, the sound quality is quite good. This piano plays reasonably like a real acoustic piano, albeit one with extremely light action. I personally like pianos with lighter action, but if you prefer pianos with heavier action, you wouldn't like this piano at all. Despite the lightness of action, you can get a pretty decent range of volumes out of it, so the phrasing does sound okay if you play favorite pieces with the same touch that you would use to play them on an acoustic piano. Overall, I've enjoyed this piano. I think I would get frustrated with it if I wanted to play out, or to record, based on a) the limitations of its speakers, and b) the fact that something about it causes the MIDI out to sound like absolute crap if you try to output directly to computer for recording purposes. I've had it for three years and it's weathered two moves without breaking, and it always turns on when I plug it in, so I suppose it's been pretty reliable. All the same, though, I wish I could afford an acoustic piano...

Review of YAMAHA YPG-625


Sound Quality 9
Features 10
Ease Of Use 9
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10
This keyboard is very close in both feel and sound to an acoustic piano. Nicely weighted keys and a fantastic piano sound. Although I will mostly be using the grand piano voice, I also was inspired by the number of other voices. Some of the other voices are just as impressive, but with 500 voices, they all can't be home runs. There are 150 rhythms to choose from, a nifty 6 track recorder and lots of other features. I really believe this piano is the best bang for the buck. I'm amazed it doesn't cost more. I highly recommend this for the sound, price, real keyboard feel and very high quality. I will be using this for years. The only negative I have for this is they could have made the onboard amp a little more powerful. For me that's really not an issue because I have my piano hooked to an old Peavey KB 400 and some large theater speakers and it sounds great.

Review of YAMAHA YPG-625


Sound Quality 7
Features 5
Ease Of Use 10
Value 5
Reliability 10
Overall 5
This keyboard is for beginners and people who don't care much for volume. The output for this keyboard is just weak. It's nothing but noise and there is no way around it because the midi is as weak as can be. You can not use the midi section to play through a computer because it just doesn't have true midi functions so you must use the audio out which is so noisy that noise reduction in cool edit pro and cubase won't correct the problem. This keyboard is only good for a kid because of the headphone jack or someone living in an apartment building. Although the sounds are great they really can't be used for recording. The survival kit, again weak. The headphones don't cup your ear letting in outside noise and the sustain pedal is a toy. Dont be fooled by a demo in a store and, wide open spaces for sound to travel the speaker system won't cover a small room with carpet. There is just no deal here, I guess you get what you pay for. Musicians Buy does have the best price I've seen so far. I do recommend that you spend a little more for better quality.

See all reviews of YAMAHA YPG-625.

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