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JBL's VERTEC SERIES Line Arrays lead the industry in large venue sound reinforcement. While intended for smaller venues than VerTec, the VRX900 Series Constant Curvature Line Arrays are designed and built to the same high standards and uses the same advanced, concert-proven drivers. JBL's VRX900 SERIES speakers deliver extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility and, of course, stunning JBL sound in an attractive, easy to handle and affordable package.

VRX928LA 8" Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker

The VRX928LA is a lightweight
(28 lb / 13 kg) compact 8" two-way linearray speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to six units.

* JBLs exclusive neodymium magnetDifferential Drive woofer for highpowercapacity and lightweight.

* Two patent-pending neodymium HF compression drivers.* Constant Curvature waveguide for
unprecedented array coherence.

* Fly combinations of VRX928LA and Subwoofers (VRX915S) with optionalarray frame (VRX-SMAF).

* Integral rigging hardware for simple connection of enclosures and optional array frame. Arrays of up to sixenclosures may be flown.

* Dual angle pole socket for aiming flexibility. One or two speakers may be mounted to a 35 mm pole or tripodstand.

* Array Configuration Selector permits array shading in passive mode.

Applications :

* Music playback and sound reinforcement in small to mid-sizevenues.

* Entertainers, corporate A/V professionals and sound system hire companies.

* Permanent installations.

Drawing upon its 60 years of leadership in professional audio, JBL has once again driven
sound reinforcement technology to a new threshold of performance, with the VRX Powered Line Array series family. With the VRX Series, JBL engineers transcend the natural evolution of self-powered speaker system development by integrating proven, Differential Drive transducers and a next-generation high frequency compression driver with the JBL DrivePack technology platform, developed with Harman sister company, Crown International. The resulting systems not only deliver the best sound available, they are also very user-friendly while offering an unprecedented level of coverage and control.


The VRX waveguide mounts three compression drivers on a continuous arc enabling them to work together as though they were a single driver. Power handling is dramatically increased and when multiple enclosures are used together in an array they work together seamlessly as if they were a single driver on a very long waveguide. The result: unprecedented coherence projecting the sound energy directly to the audience and stunning, clear high frequency sound quality regardless of the configuration.


The Array Shading Configuration selector enables an array to be fine tuned for an even more consistent sound field. Each high-frequency section in an array can be boosted or cut. For example, the upper enclosures in an array can be boosted to project the high frequencies to the back of the venue, while the lower enclosures can be cut, shaded back for less output for the front rows of the venue.


No matter how many enclosures in a VRX array the horizontal coverage is a constant 100. Rather than stacking and arraying systems side by side and running the risk of an inconsistent sound field as the coverage patterns overlap, with the VRX, the array is built vertically, and sound is projected from a single waveguide. With no overlapping coverage patterns, not only is the sound filed extremely consistent a great stereo image is guaranteed.


VRX uses JBL's Differential Drive woofers with dual voice-coils and neodymium magnets. Neodymium's magnetic properties allow a few ounces to replace pounds of conventional magnetic material. In the Differential Drive configuration the magnet is positioned inside the two voice coils making traditional big steel pole plates redundant, further decreasing the size and weight of the driver. The use of neodymium and the dual voice coil design delivers a very light-weight driver with massive amounts of power capacity, low distortion and reduced power compression.


The setup for VRX900 powered speakers is fast and easy. Simply connect up to three loudspeakers together by looping the power and audio cables from one unit to another. In a sub/satellite configuration, one power cord can be used to loop a VRX918SP and up to two VRX932LAPs, making power distribution extremely quick. Signal is easily looped thru the VRX918SP to the VRX932LAP's via XLR connection. The VRX918SP delivers the additional utility of an integrated crossover for a complete system set up.


DBT (Dual Bridged Technology) directly links discrete amplifier channel outputs with each voice-coil in the Differential Drive Woofer, transferring the maximum amount of power in the most efficient way and improving the speakers overall performance.


Ease of set up and takedown is critical to ensuring high quality sound reinforcement that meets both time and cost restrictions. JBLs exclusive integral rigging hardware for the VRX900's allows the enclosures to be quickly and securely locked to one another by simply swinging a hinged bar into place and securing it with the included quick release pins.


Frequency Range:70 Hz -20 kHz (-10 dB)

Frequency Response:87 Hz - 19 kHz (+/-3db)

Coverage Pattern:100 x 15 nominal (horizontal x vertical), single unit

Crossover Modes:Bi-amp / passive, externally switchable

Crossover Frequency:2.0 kHz

Power Rating2 (Continuous / Program / Peak):

Passive: 400 W / 800 W / 1600 W
Bi-amp LF: 400 W / 800 W / 1600 W
Bi-amp HF 30 W / 60 W / 120 W

System Maximum SPL:

Passive: 122 dB SPL peak
LF: 122 dB (bi-amp mode)
HF: 128 dB (bi-amp mode)

System Sensitivity (1w @ 1m:

Passive: 90 dB SPL
LF: 90 dB (bi-amp mode)
HF: 108 dB (bi-amp mode)

LF Driver:

1 x JBL 2168H-1, 200 mm (8 in) Differential Drive woofer

HF Driver
2 x JBL 2414H, 25 mm (1.0 in) neodymium compression driver

Nominal Impedance:

Passive: 8 ohm
Bi-amp LF: 8 ohm
Bi-amp HF: 16 ohm

Active Tunings:Tunings available at www.jblpro.com

Enclosure:15 mm - 25 mm, multi-ply birch plywood

Suspension / Mounting:Dual 36 mm pole socket included. Suspension requires optional VRX-SMAF line array frame kit or M10 eyebolts.

Finish:Black DuraFlex finish

Grille:Powder coated, black, 18 gauge perforated steel with acoustically transparent black foam backing.

Input Connectors:Neutrik Speakon NL-4 (x2)

Dimensions (H x W x D):230 mm x 419 mm x 267 mm (9.0 in x 16.5 in x 10.5 in)

Net Weight:12.7 kg (28 lb)

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