Yamaha LC4 Basic Music Lab for 16 Students and 1 Teacher with Yamaha NP32 Digital Pianos


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LC4 Music Lab

An Affordable Modular System for Educational Musical Instrument Labs

The LC4 Music Lab offers music educators an intuitive, flexible way to teach a group of students all at once, one-on-one, or split into smaller groups all without ever leaving their own instrument. The basic LC4 BASE comes with everything an 8-student lab needs to be added to virtually any set of electronic instruments with an audio or headphone output.

Lab-Based Music Education

The LC4 music lab system effectively allows an instructor ubiquitous control over classes expandable to as many as 48 students. Using a system of headphones/mics, it's as if each student is isolated in their own virtual practice room, ideal for private practice or one-on-one instruction with a teacher. But with the touch of a button the practice room walls are instantly removed for group study, teacher-only broadcasts, or "all-together-now" ensemble performances Instructors even have a powerful MUTE button disabling the students' instruments when it's time to pay attention. Any instrument with a stereo headphone output can be taught using the LC4 including Yamaha keyboards, digital pianos, Silent Series brass and string instruments, or electronic percussion. Exclusive features like the heavy duty Yamaha CM500 headset-microphones and the Mega Group quick configuration button set the LC4 apart from its contemporaries.

Yamaha Exclusive Features Come Standard

  • Heavy-duty Yamaha CM500 Headset Microphones for listening and class
  • Store and Recall Memories customize 6 classroom configurations via the control unit
  • Convenient Mega Group feature connects up to 48 students with the single press of a button
  • Enhanced grounded power supply and circuitry tremendously reduces noise floor in labs with less-than-perfect electrical grounding
  • Intuitive installation and operation guides
  • Industrial Velcro strips easily attach student I/O boxes to instruments
  • Educator Utilities CD-ROM

It's All In One Box
The LC4 BASE comes with everything needed (except musical instruments to be added) for 8 students and 1 teacher (9 stations). That's all the headsets, cabling, I/O boxes, Hub and Control Unit to get a lab up and running fast. The LC4 EXPANSION comes with everything needed to add 8 more students to the LC4 BASE (max 48 students).

Music Lab Software You Can Use

The LC4 Educator Utilities CD-ROM comes packed with practical tools for the music classroom.

The gold standard in music notation software. When connected to a USB or MIDI keyboard, a music instructor can play notes into Finale Notepad as a visual aid, or Finale Notepad can play notes directly to the keyboard as an aural example. A Mac or PC can connect to a large class monitor or projector to have music seen and heard by the entire class.

The Finale Notepad files are well-known piano classics. Simply open the desired file in Finale Notepad and press PLAY (spacebar) to start and stop playback of the piece. Students can follow the cursor, watch the notes and listen to Finale Notepad play the instructor's connected USB or MIDI keyboard as an aural and visual example of what certain pieces are supposed to sound like.

DMN is essentially a digital sheet music viewer for downloading, playing, and printing music straight off the Internet. Literally thousands of titles are available. Files including lessons, guitar tablature, karaoke lyric files and more are there for your perusal and normally offered as a pay-per-song service. But as an LC4 lab owner you are given a coupon code for TWO free titles of your choice. With a projector or large LCD, use DMN as a visual aid for reviewing sheet music. Or even print a title for a student in your class.


NEW LC4 vs. LC3Plus

Only Yamaha Offers

Heavy-duty Yamaha CM500 Headset Microphones for listening and class communication



Grounded power supply and enhanced circuitry provides lower noise floor



MEGA GROUP easy configuration button groups up to 48 students with a single button



Greater resistance to RF interference in labs installed near radio transmission towers



Optimized preset mic gain for Yamaha CM500 headphones



Store and Recall Memories customize 6 classroom configurations via the control unit



Sturdier jacks and terminals throughout the system



Intuitive installation and operation guides



Industrial hook-and-loop strips easily attach student I/O boxes to instruments



Educator Utilities CD-ROM



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