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Conventional wireless systems cannot supply the same audio quality as their wired counterparts. Low frequencies are typically rolled-off below 100 to 150 Hz, prompting most of us to wish for that extra performance from our wireless mics.

Sabine's new SWM7000 series, however, utilizes a new scheme for transmission and reception that provides flat response from 20 Hz to 20 KHz — ideal for use with both voice and musical instruments.

Microphone SuperModeling™: You'll love our rugged, all-metal SWM7000 series dynamic or condenser handheld mics just the way they are. But if your application calls for another mic "personality," a push of a button calls up a library of "virtual capsules" that model the sounds of your favorite microphones. You'll be ready for any vocalist or speaker, in any situation. It's like getting a suitcase full of microphones in a single system!

With 70 channels to choose from and the added bandwidth of this high frequency range, you can use all 70 at one time! Furthermore, by international agreement, the 2.4 GHz band can be used anywhere in the world. Now you can buy one system and travel anywhere — the ultimate in unlimited roaming. The 2.4 GHz band also allows for extended range — up to 100 meters!

Moving beyond the spread spectrum concept, Sabine's patent-pending Smart Spectrum® system combines spread spectrum filtering with a variation of FM technology. This break-through provides for a more interference-resistant system with many more simultaneous channels.

Every Sabine receiver comes with its own stack of built-in processors. This Targeted Input Processing allows you to customize the sound of each mic without resorting to outboard gear, or even your mixer. Every system has five DSP products:

FBX Feedback Exterminator®: Wireless microphones invite movement, and as the mic moves, feedback may be waiting in ambush. Like having an automatic parametric filter set on the job, the FBX is the industry standard for transparent, automatic feedback control, providing maximum gain and increased clarity on every mic.
Mic SuperModeling™: Dial in your favorite virtual capsule.
Parametric Filters: Every receiver provides 10 filters per channel, and these can be individually selected as either parametric or FBX filters.
Compressor/Limiter: Manage gain for all types of performers with Sabine's famous digital compressor.
Adaptive De-Esser: Improve intelligibility with this adaptive de-esser with surgical control over sibilance (harsh "s," "ch" and "t" vocal sounds) that adapts for various voice types.

Warranty Information:

Main number 386.418.2000 Sabine Website

Sabine Dual Wireless System OM5/LAV with Digital I/O and Networking Capability


This item has been discontinued.

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