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The new NP30 Portable Grand delivers Yamaha digital piano sound and simplicity in a new lightweight, compact design like nothing else you've seen... all at a price point you won't believe.

Of course, a graded action is one of the primary features sought by digital piano buyers because of its similarity to acoustic pianos. While technically a non-weighted action, the new Graded Soft-Touch keyboard is the first of its kind to bring different levels of resistance without the extra weight of moving hammers... the key contributor to the NP30's fighting weight of only 12 pounds. The end result is a very playable action that will appeal to pianists who want to take their music anywhere.


AWM Stereo Sampled Pianos
32-Note Polyphony
76 Graded Soft-Touch Keys -NEW
A lightweight 12 Pounds - NEW
Contemporary Slim Design - NEW
Half Damper Effect using optional FC3 Sustain Pedal (FC3 NOT INCLUDED)
Operates on 6 AA Batteries - NEW
Includes PA5D Power Adaptor
6W x 2 Amplifier with Stereo Speakers

Graded Touch keyboard

Just as on an actual piano, the lower keys are heavy in touch and the higher keys are light, with soft touch of digital keyboard for beginners.

Slim, Light & Compact Design

Walking in carrying the NP-30 with one hand and playing it with easy in anywhere thanks to new Slim, Light & Compact design.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling

The AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) is a sampling system which creates sound close to that of an acoustic instrument by using digital technology to record the instrument sound and applying high-quality digital filter technology to the recorded audio samples. AWM Stereo Sampling creates a more spacious, deeper, and richer sound by using a pair of waveforms (L and R), obtained via a stereo recording process.

Built-in Stereo Speaker System

This instrument uses highly efficient amplifiers that pack more sound into a lighter digital piano. With 6 watts per channel, these keyboards are ready to go whenever you are.

Piano Preset songs

It provides performance data for piano songs as well as voice demo songs, for your listening pleasure.

Battery Power or AC adaptor

It will run either from an AC adaptor or batteries.

Grand Piano 1
Grand Piano 2
Piano 1
Piano 2
Organ 1
Organ 2
Harpsichord 1
Harpischord 2

Learn More at Yamaha Piano Tech Site!

Warranty Information:

Tech Support 714.522.9011 (Pianos -3Years parts and labor / Pro audio- 1 year parts and labor / Power amps/speakers- 3 years parts and labor / PSR keyboards- 1 year parts and 90 days on labor / Pro keyboards- 1 year parts and 1 year labor / Edrums- 1 year parts and 90 days on labor / Guitars/Acoustic- lifetime limited / Guitars/Electric- 1 year parts and 1 year labor) The P, N, YDP, PF, CP,DGX640(excluding P65 & YDP131) series digital pianos now have a limited warranty for 3 years parts and 3 years labor.Yamaha Website
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Yamaha products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Yamaha NP30 OB2-Customer Return-Only 1 Available-Perfect Condition-Box is Damaged


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Customer Reviews:

Review of YAMAHA NP30 NP30OB2 Discontinued

Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality 8
Features 6
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10

Based on 1 Reviews.

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Review of YAMAHA NP30


Sound Quality 8
Features 6
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10
Everything about this digital piano is perfect but what you need to know is: - Just a perfect Piano with 76 keys that are graded soft touch for you to learn practice playing on with a very nice and useful metronome with demo songs at a killer price weight (6 KG). - I love it, really. - No power supply! - weak speakers. using headphones or getting an amp is highly advised. - The only audio output is the phones out plug (1 4 TRS). No audio out Rt and Lt. - Has MIDI in and out unlike the more expensive Casio Previa PX103 that only has USB. - Doesn't have USB interface. - Not 88 keys. Only 76. - Not full size keys, slightly smaller like a typical keyboard. - Not fully weighted hammered keys but they are soft touch graded meaning that they are slightly heavier as you go left. No dramatic difference when compared with regular keyboards but I can sense appreciate the difference but when you get up from a real piano and use it you won't feel that and it would feel like a toy! - This just a Piano to learn practice on. No display, No recording, no bells and whistles, no 500 sounds, no beats. I really enjoy playing on it.

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