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The Live 8 is the ultimate affordable live console, a full-featured 8-bus desk that combines a comprehensive range of professional control and routing facilities with cost-effective and compact design. You can choose the Live 8 in any of four frame sizes, from 16 to 40 mono channels, all featuring eight subgroups for routing sets of channels together, giving you fewer faders to ride when balancing the overall mix.


  • 8-bus live mixing

  • FOH mixing

  • Touring bands

  • Venues and theatres

  • Installations

  • Recording direct to multitrack

Main Features :

  • 16, 24, 32 and 40 channels frame sizes

  • 8 group busses

  • UltraMic+ preamp with up to 66dB gain range

  • +48V phantom power, individually switchable on each channel

  • 4-band EQ with two swept mid bands

  • 4 mute groups

  • Additional outputs on 10 x 2 matrix

  • Two stereo input channels

  • 8 stereo returns

  • Phase reverse on mono inputs

  • 18dB/octave high-pass filter

  • 6 aux sends, configurable to give up to 4 pre or post fade sends

Live 8 Mono Input

The UltraMic Plus padless mic preamp provides up to +28dBu capability with the input sensitivity control operating between +6dB and -60dB on Mic and Line inputs.

180° Phase Reverse switch

This switch reverses the polarity of the input to compensate for signal phase differences.

Connector Bay (behind meterbridge)

Both Mic and Line inputs are balanced with +48V phantom power available individually per channel for condenser mics. Direct Out is factory set postfader/post-EQ, but can be set to prefader, pre/post EQ. The insert point is pre-fader, pre-EQ but post HPF.

EQ Section

The 4 band equaliser section has two swept mids for extra control during live performances. All bands provide 15dB of cut or boost.The HF shelving filter operates above 13kHz. The Hi Mid control operates between 550Hz and 13kHz with Lo Mid operating between 80Hz and 1.9kHz.

The LF shelving filter operates below 80Hz.

EQ In/Out Switch

Selecting the EQ allows comparison of treated and untreated sounds.

High Pass Filter

A 100Hz/18dB/octave High Pass Filter is set pre-EQ to clean up' low frequencies.

Auxiliary Section

6 Auxiliary Sends allow the choice of either monitor or effects-orientated mixes. Auxes 1 and 2 are pre-fader, post-EQ for monitor mixes. Auxes 3 and 4 are normally post-fader, post-EQ but are individually globally switchable to pre-fader, post-EQ from the master section. Auxes 5 and 6 are post-fader, post-EQ. The pre- or post-EQ parameters on Auxes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all easily resettable via internal jumpers for custom configurations.


Each input channel can be routed to mix and/or any of the 8 groups in pairs.


All pre- and post-fade outputs are muted on the channel when the mute switch is pressed. Alternatively, the channel can be assigned to one of the 4 mute busses for scene setting.


Each channel can be soloed pre-fader, post-EQ to check gain levels. The PFL LED also doubles as a PEAK indicator.


Custom-built 100mm long throw linear faders provide 10dB of extra gain above

Live 8 Stereo Input

Two stereo input channel strips, each comprise two independent pairs of inputs.

Connector Bay (behind meterbridge)

Both pairs of line inputs are balanced. Plugging in the left jack only will feed a mono source to both paths.

Cassette/CD Input Section

This features two gain settings: LO for -10dBV semi-pro devices such as CD or cassette players, or HI for -20dBV hi-fi equipment. Signals are controlled by the LEVEL TO MIX pot and directed straight to Mix. The input can be soloed pre-fader, with two pre-fade auxes allowing the signal to be sent to stage monitor mixes.

Stereo Input Section

A gain control operates from 0 to 22dB allowing the connection of line level devices as well as most professional and hi-fi sources.

EQ Section

A two band frequency switchable EQ provides 15dB of cut or boost over high or low frequencies. The HF control is selectable between 6 or 12kHz, with LF selectable between 80 and 120Hz.

EQ In/Out Switch

This switch allows comparison of treated and untreated sounds.

Aux Section

The Stereo Input has 6 Auxiliaries with identical pre/post-fader settings to the mono inputs.


This control sets the amount of signal feeding the left and right mix outputs and the odd or even groups. Acts as a Pan control when a mono signal is used.


Pressing the PFL switch provides a mono sum solo of the pre-fade, post- EQ signal.

Fader/Route/Muting Switch

The fader, mute switch and routing switch behave identically to the mono channels.

Connector Panel

Each group has an impedance-balanced output with a male XLR connector and a pre-fade insert point. All stereo returns are balanced.

Stereo Returns

8 Stereo Returns are provided in the group section, for use as effects returns, or as additional stereo inputs. The returns in the top row include 2 band EQ with 15dB of cut or boost at 12kHz and 80Hz. Each return can be routed to Mix or to the pair of groups directly below it. A rotary control determines the level of the signal.

Matrix Sends

For the creation of two independent mixes derived from the groups, in addition to the group and mix outputs: ideal for monitor sends and speaker fills. Each group signal can be fed independently to Matrix A, Matrix B, or a combination of the two.

Group Controls

Custom-built 100mm long throw linear faders provide 10dB of extra gain above the zero mark whilst still ensuring smooth operation. Each group can be soloed pre-fader by using the PFL switch.Pressing the STEREO/ MONO switch routes the groups to mix in pairs or for use as mono subgroups feeding both sides of the mix

Live 8 Master Section

Mix and Matrix outputs are provided on 4 impedance-balanced XLR connectors . The Mix inserts are pre-fader. A pair of unbalanced -10dBV jacks allow the performance to be recorded. The six Aux master outputs are also impedance-balanced.

Matrix Sends and Masters

Two rotary controls allow the Mix L and R busses to be fed to the Matrix outputs, either as a mono sum or individually to Matrix A and B respectively. The Matrix masters above govern the level of Matrix A and B outputs. Both may be soloed after the fader.

Talkback Section

A balanced XLR connector allows a microphone signal to be routed to Aux 1-2, Aux 3-4, the Mix, or the Groups. A rotary control governs talkback level.

Auxiliary Masters

Six rotary controls govern the overall level of each Aux master. Each can be soloed after the fader for monitoring. In addition, Auxes 3 and 4 can be switched post-fader, post-EQ globally.

Mute Masters

Four switches control the status of the Mute Groups. The associated LED illuminates when any mute group is active.

Headphones Section

A jack is provided for use with headphones with impedances of 200 Ohms or greater. Level is controlled by a rotary fader. The PFL master LED illuminates if any solo is active.

Master Faders

The Mix L & R levels are controlled by 2 custom-built 100mm long throw linear faders.

Live 8 10 x 2 Matrix

The output from any of the eight groups and the L&R Mix busses can be mixed into the Matrix A and Matrix B outputs using the Matrix section's rotary controls.

Warranty Information:

1 year warranty. Customer Service 818.920.3213. Soundcraft Website

Soundcraft Live 8 32 Channel Mixer


This item has been discontinued.

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