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The G Series offers more sizes, colors, woods than in any other family of models that we offer. Made to our strict specifications, G Series instruments represent exceptionally good value.

Over a dozen distinct dreadnought models are included in the G Series, many with solid spruce tops. There are cutaway and non-cutaway models, 12-strings, straight acoustics and acoustic/electrics, plus a wide choice of colors. There are also a selection of models with our smaller NEX and FXC body shapes, ideal instruments for vocal accompaniment. The G Series also includes several classic guitars that offer impressive performance at a very affordable price.

Takamine EG561C

6 String Acoustic / Electric

Body Shape: FXC Artist C/A
Rosette: Concentric Rings
Top: Spruce
Inlays: Dot
Back: Nato
Sides: Nato
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Electronics: TK40
Tuners: Chrome

Our Takamine G Series electro-acoustic guitars come equipped with either the TK-40 or TP-4 preamps, each of which has been designed to provide exceptional naturalness of amplified tone and maximum ease of use. The Takamine TK-40 has these features, in addition to the specification of the TP-4 (TP-4 specification here):

EQ Bypass: Bypassing EQ is desirable in some studio or live environments where external EQ is preferable. It’s also useful in that it allows you to compare your EQ adjustments to your unaffected amplified tone. With the switch in the depressed position, the EQ is active - return it to the ‘up’ position and the EQ is bypassed.

Notch Filter: The notch filter is a highly selective form of EQ that affects only an extremely narrow and deep cut of an audio frequency band. The TK-40 has a tuneable notch filter, allowing you to select the frequencies affected by the notch so you can dial out feedback. If monitor or stage levels are too high and you hear your guitar starting to feed back, press notch filter in/out and simply tune out the feedback by slowly rotating the rotary notch control until it’s eliminated.

Mid Contour: Press the mid contour button and you activate a pre-shaped EQ that emphasises the frequencies that best complement an amplified acoustic guitar. The control can add punch or reduce unwanted mid frequencies. Try experimenting with the mid contour and the ‘Mid’ EQ control to find the tonality that suits you best.

Tuner: The tuner in the TK-40 is fully chromatic and automatic. Simply press the tuner switch to activate it, sound each string in turn, tune to concert pitch and then start playing!

Warranty Information:

Tech Support 203.243.7941 (Limited Lifetime warranty policy the first 2 years you own the product, all parts and labor for anything deemed defective are covered. After that initial 2 year period, the manufacturer will cover the parts for anything deemed defective as long as you own the product, the consumer is responsible for any labor charges incurred in the repair.) Takamine Website 
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Takamine products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Takamine EG561C Acoustic/electric


This item has been discontinued.

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