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The Akai Professional DPS24 Digital Personal Studio combines a 24-track 24bit hard disk recorder/editor, a 46-channel automated digital mixer with a complete studio monitoring section, 4 stereo effects processors with FX library, a programmable patch-bay and a mastering suite with built-in CD-RW drive, in one extremely powerful desktop unit.

With its generous complement of dedicated keys, rotary encoders, and motorized faders, the DPS24’s tactile user interface provides direct access to all commonly used functions, without requiring that you cursor your way through endless menus and peer at countless LCD pages just to make some small but significant adjustment.

The DPS24 offers extensive and expandable connectivity: numerous analog I/Os using high-quality AD/DA converters, multiple digital I/Os, Wordclock, MIDI, USB, and even SCSI and SMPTE options.

Its custom real-time multi-tasking Operating System and dedicated hardware saves you from the headaches of computer-based configurations, conflicts and crashes. Ease-of-use and reliability are the keys of the DPS24.

However, the DPS24 also communicates very well with computer systems: complete audio import/export features are included, using standard Data CD and Hard disk formats, and the free akSys TrackView software allows you, with a simple USB connection to your PC, to view your projects on a large monitor, see waveforms scrolling across the screen and see detailed metering. The display also shows timecode, edit points and locate markers, track names/status and more. The free akSysServer utility can also be used to transfer files to/from your DPS24 and PC via USB, and Art Technika’s Console application allows you to run multiple off-the-shelf VST and DX plug-ins in real-time via ADAT optical lightpipe.

Unlike most all-in-one studios, the DPS24 does not suffer from the compromises of such system. It is comparable to a component system, but in a box.

For instance, the recorder/editor offers as many track keys as physical tracks (i.e. 24) and you can seamlessly punch-in/out individual tracks on-the-fly. It features sample accurate editing with sample accurate waveform display and analog-like multi-track audio scrubbing thanks to its dedicated jog/shuttle wheel, including varispeed and reverse playback. Both non-destructive copy/paste editing and off-line DSP functions such as timestretch and pitchshift are provided.

As another example, the digital mixer uses professional 100mm touch-sensitive motorized faders for easy and accurate control of the dynamic automation, which supports overwrite, auto-drop, return and trim modes.

But apart from the obvious requirements you would expect from a digital studio, it's the small details that also make the DPS24 unique in its field. Things like MAIN/NEARFIELD and MONO monitoring switchable from the front panel for 'reference checking' a mix, STUDIO outputs with built-in talkback for talent ‘cue mix’, direct ADC inputs to connect outboard preamps bypassing the internal input stage, etc.

However, there are also benefits to an integrated system like the DPS24, such as simultaneous editing of audio tracks and mixer automation, or a single data backup for the entire system.

The only true 24-track 24bit linear professional hardware workstation on the market. The most open system for expansion and communication with other systems. The best sounding integrated system in this price range, with 24bit/96kHz support.
Serious Home Studio / Private Commercial Studio, aspiring Audio Engineer, Semi-pro / Pro Musician

Live recording, small venue live sound, Radio/Jingle Production, Houses of Worship.


1) True 24-Track Hard disk Recorder

24 mono tracks, 24bit uncompressed, 256 virtual tracks per Project
24 Track select keys, with Track Punch on-the-fly
Up to 24 tracks simultaneous recording, for live recording or digital transfers
Up to 24 channels of ADAT Digital Inputs/Outputs, with sample accurate ADAT Sync

2) Full-featured onboard Editing

Sample accurate editing, with sample accurate scrolling Waveform display and tape-like audio scrubbing
Non-destructive editing: Copy, Cut, Erase, Insert, Paste, Repeat, Move
Off-line DSP features: TimeStretch, PitchShift, BPM Match, Varispeed, Reverse, Normalize, Resample
Multi-level Undo/Redo

3) Digital Mixer

46 channels (12 mono inputs, 1 stereo Aux input, 24 mono track returns, 4 stereo FX returns)
Digital EQ and Dynamics processors on every mono channel (inputs and tracks), with onboard libraries
Surround Mixing (5.1, LCRS and Quad) ready (V2.0 to be released before end of 2004)
Onboard dynamic and snapshot automation
13 professional 100mm long-throw, touch-sensitive motorized faders
18 encoders for real-time control of parameters
Monitor section with Main/Nearfield outputs, stereo studio cue output with built-in talkback microphone

4) Effects processing

4 simultaneous 56bit stereo FX: Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Phaser, Wah, Pitch Shift/Correction,…
FX Library with Snapshot automation
Flexible routing allows real-time processing through outboard equipment, including digital plug-ins hosts

5) Onboard Mastering

46 Channels > 2 to internal Mixdown recorder (46 > 6 in 5.1 Surround mode)
Multi-band Compressor/Expander for stereo Mastering
Sample Rate conversion and Bit Depth dithering
Track-at-Once and Disk-at-Once CD burning

6) Most open system

Standard FAT32 disk format, Broadcast WAV audio files
Extensive multi-track audio Import/Export and data backup features via IDE, SCSI and USB.
ADAT lightpipe I/Os, ADAT Sync out and ADAT LRC remote support
Standard 5”_ IDE bay for CD-RW or removable hard drive
Four ADC Ins “bypass” inputs for outboard preamps
Free ak.Sys TrackView software provides SVGA metering and 24-track scrolling waveform display, plus mouse/keyboard based editing.
Expansion slots design for future upgrades

Warranty Information:

12 months parts, 12 months labor.

Akai DPS24MKII Digital Recorder; DPS24, Akai DPs 24


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Review of Akai DPS24MKII Digital Recorde

Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality 6
Features 3
Ease Of Use 2
Value 4
Reliability 4
Overall 6

Based on 1 Reviews.

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Review of AKAI DPS24MKII


Sound Quality 6
Features 3
Ease Of Use 2
Value 4
Reliability 4
Overall 6
The unit crashes frequently. Otherwise its a ok recorder. Could have better sound quality and effects. Mic preamps are average.

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