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Just because it sports a center-soundhole, don't dare call it traditional. The Ovation roundback body, AAA top and five-piece neck are crafted into an instrument that yields unwavering tonal control - lowest low to highest high - a clarity and volume that is simply unattainable to "traditional" guitarmakers.

Abalone Artistry
Over 300 individual pieces of abalone shell are hand-inlaid into each Custom Elite and Custom Legend, a stunning appearance in any finish. The Custom Legend rosette is also abalone shell in the Ovation oak leaf pattern. Both rank with the finest custom made instruments as examples of pure guitarmaking art.

The Ultimate Spruce Soundboard
These AAA-graded tops are the most flexible and consistent Sitka spruce tops available. Only 5% of all our graded tops are chosen for these fine instruments. Notice that the Custom Legend A-shaped bracing and the Quintad pattern used on the Custom Elite are primarily longitudinal, giving the top greater freedom of vibration. The result is a guitar that can pump out a tremendously broad and powerful sound.

5-Piece Speed and Beauty
The 5-piece mahogany and maple neck is contoured to a "soft-V", the most ergonomic of neck shapes. The bound ebony fingerboard is decorated with abalone inlays and fitted with nickel silver frets. Each of the frets is crowned, dressed and polished by hand, then the fingerboard and neck are finished with Danish oil.

Model Ovation 1719

6 String Acoustic/Electric
Body Type: Deep Bowl
Top: AAA Solid Sitka Spruce
Bracing: Ovation
Scale Length: 25 1/4"
Fretboard: Deluxe Ebony
Fret Inlay: Abalone Dots/Diamonds
Bridge: Carved Walnut
Rosette: Abalone Oak Leaf
Pickup: Ovation High Output
Nutwidth: 1 11/16"
Machines: Gold w/Pearl Buttons
Case: 9158-0

OP-30 / OP-40 / OP-50 Preamps

  1. VOLUME: Adjusts the overall output level of the preamp.
  2. BASS: Adds or subtracts the low frequency content of the signal.
  3. MID: Controls the amount of a broad range of frequencies in the middle of the sound spectrum of the guitar.
  4. MID1: Controls the amount of power in lower middle frequencies.
  5. MID2: Controls the amount of power in upper middle frequencies.
  6. TREBLE: Adds or subtracts the high frequency content of the signal.
  7. EQ IN/OUT: Engages or bypasses the EQ controls.
  8. PRESHAPE: Engages or bypasses a fixed tone enhancement circuit.
  9. MID SHIFT: Moves the center frequency of the midrange control.
  10. NOTCH SW: Enables or disables the Notch Filter (see ).
  11. NOTCH POT: This control is used to tune a very sharp and deep filter designed to reduce feedback when using high-gain amplification. At a high volume level, your guitar may “feedback” causing a low, steady tone to come from your speakers. With the notch filter enabled, slowly tune this control to the feedback frequency (CW=higher frequency, CCW=lower frequency) until the feedback is reduced.
  12. TUNE/CAL: This switch turns on the built-in tuner for approximately 60 seconds. Press a second time while playing a note and this pitch will become the calibration point for operation (handy when tuning to an “out-of tune” instrument). During the tuning operation the guitar output will be muted. If you finish tuning prior to the 60 second timer returning the tuner to idle (and un-mute), you may press this button again to manually return the preamp to normal operation.
  13. TUNER LEDs: These LEDs indicate the note being played and whether it’s sharp or flat. Tune string up or down until the LED lights.
    BAT: When steadily illuminated, indicates that the battery is low and should be changed soon. Also intermittently flashes when plug is inserted into jack to confirm normal operation.
  14. RELEASE: Pressing this button will release the module from its receptacle. Use this button to access to the battery compartment.
  15. MODULE: The preamp is housed within this module and mates to the receptacle mounted in the body. Remove this module to gain access to the battery compartment. See the illustration below for instructions on replacing the battery.

    Battery Replacement

Output Connections

The XLR jack on the OP-50 gives you a professional, balanced line connection to mixers and high-end acoustic amps. The phantom power capability allows your mixer to power the preamp. Any XLR cable with a ground-to-shell connection (Ovation P/N 9658-0) is required for the auto power-on function. A "dummy plug" (Ovation P/N 9659-0) inserted into the 1/4" jack can be used instead, if the proper XLR cable is not available.

The 1/4" jack on all models provides an unbalanced, line-level connection to most any amplification system. Inserting a plug into this jack also turns on the preamp system. Please note that the tuner is functional without any connection.


Characteristic OP-50 OP-40 OP-30
Battery Voltage: 9VDC 9VDC 9VDC
Idle Current: 6mA 6mA 5.1mA
Sleep Current: 40µA 40µA n/a
Battery Low On: 6.7VDC 6.7VDC 6.7VDC
Max. Output @ 1kHz 6VP-P 6VP-P 6VP-P
THD @ 1VP-P Input <0.2% <0.2% <0.1%
S/N Ratio >95dB >95dB >92dB
Frequency Response (-3dB): 40Hz-84kHz 27Hz-90kHz 50Hz-100kHz
Preshape EQ: +3dB@70Hz
+3dB@9kHz +3dB@70Hz
+3dB@9kHz +3dB@60Hz
Bass EQ Response: ±13dB@87Hz ±11dB@84Hz ±9dB@60Hz
Mid EQ Response: n/a ±6dB@900Hz ±6dB@970Hz
Mid Shift Response: n/a ±6dB@400Hz ±11dB@450Hz
Mid 1 Response: ±13dB@580Hz n/a n/a
Mid 2 Response: ±10dB@6.7kHz n/a n/a
Treble Response: ±10dB@12kHz ±12dB@8.4kHz ±12dB@15kHz
Notch Range: 24-264Hz 24-264Hz n/a
Notch Depth: -32dB -32dB n/a
Tuner Accuracy: <1 cent <1 cent <1 cent
Tuner Auto-Off: 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute


Warranty Information:

Tech Support 203.243.7941 (Limited Lifetime warranty policy first 2 years you own the product, all parts and labor for anything deemed defective are covered. After that initial 2 year period, the manufacturer will cover the parts for anything deemed defective as long as you own the product, the consumer is responsible for any labor charges incurred in the repair.) Ovation Website
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Ovation products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Ovation Custom Legend 1719 Black with FREE Tuner Strap and Stand; Ovation 1719, 1719, Legend 1719


This item has been discontinued.

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