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Live Sound

musiciansbuy financing offers a variety of (small and large venue) live sound equipment and accessories including mixers, microphones, PA systems, stage equipment & accessories, power amps, lighting stands, and more. We've got everything you'll need for your next live event as well as a trained staff (made up of professional musicians) that can answer any question you may have.

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image of SHURE BETA58A

Shure BETA58A Performance Microphone

Special Financing Available
Shure BETA58A Performance Microphone is easily a favorite among sound technicians and professional musicians. With its supercadioid pattern, this microphone is ideal for close-up vocals as it easily increases maximum isolation from other possible sound sources. The pneumatic shoc more . . .

Sale Price:$159.99
List Price: $199.00

image of SHURE PG48XLR

Shure PG48XLR Performance Microphone

The Shure PG48-XLR is the ideal dynamic performance microphone for spoken word or karaoke applications. With a bespoke frequency response that is rich and smooth, it's designed with voice performance specifically in mind. Thanks to its unique cardioid polar pattern it's far less more . . .

Sale Price:$49.99
List Price: $63.00

image of SHURE PG58XLR

Shure PG58XLR Vocal Microphone

With a predominantly front sound pick up, a filter to reduce breath noise, and the capability to handle loud volumes with clarity, the Shure PG58XLR Vocal Microphone is specifically designed for the distinct challenges of vocal performances. Built tough, with a mesh grill and bod more . . .

Sale Price:$69.99
List Price: $101.50

image of SHURE BETA56A

Shure Beta 56A Supercardioid Dynamic Mic

Special Financing Available
Looking for the perfect tool to specifically record drums and instrumentation? Look no further than the Shure Beta 56A. Perfectly formatted with these recording needs in mind its supercardio set up provides a high gain before feedback and unparalleled rejection of unwanted noi more . . .

Sale Price:$159.00
List Price: $199.00

image of SHURE SM86

Shure SM86 Vocal Microphone

Special Financing Available
The Shure SM86 is a durable microphone suitable for professional use, perfect for delivering studio-quality sound to a live audience. Cardioid pick-up pattern technology isolates the main sound source enabling a reduction in background noise. The product also comes with an inbuil more . . .

Sale Price:$179.99
List Price: $300.00

image of SHURE SM87A

Shure SM87A Condenser Microphone

6 Months Special Financing
In the past, vocalists have often had to choose between great vocal reproduction and a comfortable-feeling mic. Now you can have both in the Shure SM87A Condenser Microphone. Thicker, easy-to-hold handle makes it easy to use this mic for hours, while the tight polar pattern, supe more . . .

Sale Price:$229.00
List Price: $279.00

image of SHURE BETA87A

Shure BETA87A Microphone

6 Months Special Financing
The Shure Beta 87A is an electric condenser vocal microphone that operates on phantom power. Its ability to cover a wide dynamic range and to reduce undesirable sounds without compromising ruggedness is a testament of its quality and reliability. This polar pattern microphone wit more . . .

Sale Price:$249.99
List Price: $462.88

image of PEAVEY PV8USB

Peavey PV8USB Compact Non Powered Mixer

Special Financing Available
Looking for a lightweight, compact mixer capable of use in both a live environment and a studio setting? Look no further than the Peavey PV8 USB compact mixer! Peavey's high quality reference mic pre amps mean that harmonic dissonance is incredibly low. 3 band EQ allows you to tw more . . .

Sale Price:$169.99
List Price: $219.99

image of PEAVEY PVI4B

Peavey PVI4B Powered Mixer

Special Financing Available
The Peavey PVi-4B Powered PA Mixer is the perfect head for all kinds of live mixing application. Fully loaded with 5 input channels and powered by an impressive 100-watt mono power amp. Each input is fully controllable via the sturdy tone and gain knobs, not to mention the inbuil more . . .

Sale Price:$179.99
List Price: $279.99

image of SAMSON XP40I

Samson XP40I Portable PA with iPod Dock

6 Months Special Financing
The Samson XP40i Portable PA System is an all-in-one sound system that can take you virtually anywhere. It is perfect for numerous situations. The XP40i offers you 40 watts from a Class D amplifier that will provide perfect sound for tour groups, classrooms, and even meetings. Th more . . .

Sale Price:$199.99
List Price: $309.99

image of YAMAHA RH3C

Yamaha RH3C Collapsible Design Headphones

Whether inside the studio or on the go, headphones clearly are important. The Yamaha RH3C headphones offers high quality bass presence and treble response -- features that every sound engineer requires. The RH3C comes with an adjustable and collapsible headband for comfort and po more . . .

Sale Price:$39.99
List Price: $48.00


Audio Technica Headphones ATHM40FS Headphones

Few headphones offer the same convenience and ease of use presented by Audio Technica ATHM40FS headphones. Its flat, extended frequency response (ranging from 5 to 28,000 Hz) is highly suitable for quality mixing and monitoring. The headphones' maximum input power of 1,600 Mw ens more . . .

Sale Price:$69.99
List Price: $150.00

image of YAMAHA RH2C

Yamaha RH2C Full Sized Headphones

RH2C Delivering sonic brilliance in a lightweight (6 oz.) design, RH2C dynamic headphones provide the perfect listening environment for use with portable keyboards or casual listening. Featuring a new ear cup design, RH2C offers increased noise reduction and long-term comfort more . . .

Sale Price:$29.99
List Price: $32.00


Audio Technica ATHM50 Headphones

Special Financing Available
Not all professional headphones are created alike, and Audio Technica ATHM50 Headphones offers more than the usual features. It makes efficient use of the company's latest transducer technology to deliver high levels of sonic accuracy. The sound output is clear, natural, and accu more . . .

Sale Price:$149.99
List Price: $199.00

image of YAMAHA RH5MA

Yamaha RH5MA Closed-back Headphones

Studio monitoring is made a whole lot easier with the Yamaha RH5MA Full Sized Headphones, thanks to its 40mm drivers that recreate even low frequency sounds accurately. The RH5MA headphones are versatile and can be used with most portable audio devices, which means it can be used more . . .

Sale Price:$59.99
List Price: $80.00

image of AKG K240MKII

AKG K240MKII Studio Headphones

Special Financing Available
Get professional quality performance with AKG K240MKII Studio Headphones. Its patented Varimotion system uses XXL transducers to create a stronger, more efficient diaphragm that results in better sound output. The self-adjusting headband ensures a perfect fit for any user, plus t more . . .

Sale Price:$149.00
List Price: $269.00

image of SAMSON CH700

Samson CH700 Headphones

When you're mixing the final cut of your latest recording, you need headphones with perfectly balanced sound and high-quality sound reproduction. That's what you get with the Samson CH700 headphones, thanks to 40 mm drivers and super thin Mylar diaphragms. Padded headband and ear more . . .

Sale Price:$49.99
List Price: $64.99


Audio Technica ATHM35 Headphones

You'll get impressive power with the 40 mm neodymium drivers and extended frequency response of the Audio Technica ATHM35 headphones. The quality of the sound and handling makes this set perfect for field recording and in-studio tracking and mixing, but these headphones get reall more . . .

Sale Price:$69.00
List Price: $139.00

image of SAMSON RH600

Samson RH600 Headphones

The top-line model RH600s use a specially designed, high performance driver with a thin, responsive 40mm diaphragm coupled with a high output neodymium magnet and sophisticated circuitry to provide true "reference quality" audio. Its ambient open-ear design with special more . . .

Sale Price:$59.99
List Price: $79.99

image of LEXICON MX400

Lexicon MX400 Dual Stereo/Surround Reverb Processor

6 Months Special Financing
You want the rich, luscious sound that's defined studio reverb for three decades: a genuine Lexicon hardware processor. But you also want the flexibility of programming high-quality effects right inside your DAW program without bogging down your CPU or resorting to expensive proc more . . .

Sale Price:$299.95
List Price: $449.95

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