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Boss Guitar Effects

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image of BOSS DA2

Boss DA2 Adaptive Distortion Pedal

Special Financing Available
Boss DA2 Adaptive Distortion PedalPerfect Distortion Tones in Every RegisterPowered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP), the DA-2 Adaptive Distortion delivers ideal distortion tones wherever you play on the guitar neck.- Next-generation BOSS compact pedal with innova more . . .

Sale Price:$129.99
List Price: $210.50

image of BOSS ME50B

Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects

6 Months Special Financing
A Bass Player's Dream Come True The BOSS ME-50B puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Effects are divided into six sections - Compressor/Limiter, Master, Filter/Tone, Drive/Synth, Delay/Modulation and Expression Pedal - giving bassis more . . .

Sale Price:$319.99
List Price: $440.50

image of BOSS MD2

Boss MD2 Mega Distortion

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion takes the bottom-heavy distortion sounds heard in today's new-school metal and pushes it to the extreme. The secret is a special dual-stage distortion circuit with an added gain boost-plus new Bottom and Tone controls--for crushing distortion with massiv more . . .

Sale Price:$69.99
List Price: $140.50

image of BOSS OC3

Boss OC3 Super Octave Pedal

Special Financing Available
OC-3: Super OctaveOverview: The BOSS OC-3 Super Octave gives guitarists high-quality octave effects with a single stomp. Three modes are provided, including a new Polyphonic Octave mode, a Drive mode with distortion, and the original OC-2 mode. The versatile OC-3 also has separat more . . .

Sale Price:$129.99
List Price: $199.50

image of BOSS DD7

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

Special Financing Available
Even with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, Boss continues to push the envelope and innovate. The new DD7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential with Modulation Delay mode, classic modeled Analog Delay mode, External peda more . . .

Sale Price:$149.00
List Price: $264.50

image of BOSS BD2

Boss BD2 Blues Driver

The BD-2 delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps. Features:Classic "blues" guitar tones with outstanding tube amp simulation more . . .

Sale Price:$99.99
List Price: $160.50

image of BOSS RV5

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Pedal

Special Financing Available
The RV-5 Digital Reverb offers six of BOSS' best reverbs in an all-new stereo effects pedal. New reverbs include convincing spring reverb emulation and a high-quality gate reverb, plus an all-new Modulate mode for spacious detuned reverb sounds. FEATURES: Compact pedal with ster more . . .

Sale Price:$149.00
List Price: $264.50

image of BOSS OS2

Boss OS2 Pedal

OVERDRIVE / DISTORTION The OS2 gives you a choice of overdrive or distortion or lets you combine both -- all in a single compact pedal. This integration gives you more options than using serially connected units, and provides hard distortion that maintains the subtle nuances of s more . . .

Sale Price:$79.99
List Price: $149.50

image of BOSS NS2

Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor

The NS2 Noise Suppressor effectively eliminates noise and hum of the input signal while preserving the original sound's tonality. The natural attack and envelope are unaffected thanks to BOSS's unique noise detection circuit that precisely separates the guitar sound and the noise more . . .

Sale Price:$99.99
List Price: $160.50

image of BOSS GT100

Boss GT100 Multi Effects Processor

12 Months Special Financing
Advanced COSM amps that model vintage amp tones and delivers never-before-heard tones Dual-LCD for simple and intuitive operation with direct access to every parameter Improved EZ Tone TONE feature with graphical TONE GRID for constructing new patches AMP CUSTOMIZE and OD/DS CU more . . .

Sale Price:$499.99
List Price: $769.00

image of BOSS GE7

Boss GE7 7 Band Equalizer Pedal

Special Financing Available
The GE-7 Equalizer has seven bands ranging from 100Hz to 6.4kHz, ideal for guitar sounds, with boost/cut of +/- 15dB per band. This lets you completely control your sound and eliminate unwanted feedback, particularly when connected after a distortion effect. Product Description T more . . .

Sale Price:$109.99
List Price: $173.50

image of BOSS DS1

Boss DS1 Distortion

The DS1 provides a harder distortion effect for guitar and keyboard sounds. Instead of toneless, fuzzy distortion, the DS-1 faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of your playing dynamics, from whisper-quiet to screaming loud. The onboard TONE control allows you to tailor t more . . .

Sale Price:$49.99
List Price: $78.50

image of BOSS CH1

Boss CH1 Stereo Super Chorus

Product DescriptionThe CH1 Super Chorus features sharp sounds with clear highs, and a stereo effect that varies depending on the spacing between the left and right speakers. The EQ function allows you to adjust the tonality from soft, mellow sounds to sharp, cutting sounds ideal more . . .

Sale Price:$99.99
List Price: $154.50

image of BOSS CE5

Boss CE5 Stereo Chorus

Special Financing Available
Boss CE5 Stereo Chorus The CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is BOSS ultimate compact chorus pedal, covering a wide frequency range and featuring high- and low-cut filters. This lets users create any kind of chorus effect--from a mild, natural chorus to the clear and penetrating stereo cho more . . .

Sale Price:$109.99
List Price: $164.50

image of BOSS BF3

Boss BF3 Flanger

Special Financing Available
BF-3 ... BOSS' best flanging effects Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the NEW BF3 Flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an updated version of the classic BOSS flanger with the thickest stereo flanging sounds ever. Two new modes (Ultra and Gate/Pan) cr more . . .

Sale Price:$139.99
List Price: $217.50

image of BOSS VE20

Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

6 Months Special Financing
Who says stompboxes are just for guitarists? The new, easy-to-use VE-20 has been designed from the ground up for singers, featuring some of the finest vocal-effects technology on the market. With the click of a footswitch, you can instantly add lush vocal layers and harmonies to more . . .

Sale Price:$279.99
List Price: $381.50

image of BOSS OD3

Boss OD3 Drive Pedal

Boss OD3 Overdrive Built in the tradition of the legendary BOSS overdrives, the OD-3 OverDrive pedal gives guitarists a greatly expanded range of smooth overdrive tones and improved response while staying true to the original. The ultimate BOSS overdrive unit, with a wide range o more . . .

Sale Price:$99.99
List Price: $158.50

image of BOSS FV50L

Boss FV50L Volume Pedal

Boss FV50L Volume Pedal FOOT CONTROLLERS The FV50L/50H are volume pedals that can be used for a variety of purposes from distortion control of effects units to a violin volume control. The high-impedance FV50H is designed to be connected before guitar effect units in the signal more . . .

Sale Price:$89.99
List Price: $119.50

image of BOSS DD3

Boss DD3 Digital Delay

Special Financing Available
This compact pedal provides a digital delay effect with outstanding quality equivalent to that of a dedicated rackmount delay unit, all with simple stompbox-style control. Compact delay pedal with superb BOSS sound quality Provides 3 delay time modes and a Delay Time contr more . . .

Sale Price:$129.00
List Price: $227.50

image of BOSS CS3

Boss CS3 Compression Sustain Pedal

Boss CS3 Compression/sustain The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the original sound quality. This is the perfect pedal for guitarists and bassists who want to sound their best. more . . .

Sale Price:$99.99
List Price: $154.50