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Electric Guitar Amplifiers

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image of IBANEZ IBZ15GR

Ibanez IBZ15GR Guitar Amp with Reverb

Convenient. Compact. Lightweight. Inexpensive. Everything you expect from a small amp and something you don t expect BIG TONES. Our electric guitar and bass Rehearsal Rigs provide the full and rich tone you must have to achieve plugged-in satisfaction. With a high output of 15W more . . .

Sale Price:$89.99
List Price: $119.99

image of VOX AC30VR

Vox AC30VR 30 Watt 2x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier

12 Months Special Financing
AC30VR: Twin channel, guitar amplifier with 2x 12 inch VX 12 Celestion custom made loudspeaker and digital reverb. Tube and solid-state, vintage and modern, clean and dirty-the new VR Series combo amplifiers have it all. Using our proven and popular VOX Valve Reactor (VR) circui more . . .

Sale Price:$549.99
List Price: $800.00

image of FENDER 2267400-040

Fender Dyna Touch Princeton 650

6 Months Special Financing
Princeton THE NEW DYNA-TOUCH III SERIES amps combine great tones, killer looks and ease of use with the excitement of Fender DSP effects. All models include Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange, Tremolo and more! SEVEN REVOLUTIONARY TIMBRE FILTERS including Metal Drop Scoop, Mid Squawk more . . .

Sale Price:$399.00
List Price: $569.99

image of HUGHES TM5

Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 5 Combo

12 Months Special Financing
The TubeMeister 5 stands as a testament to the knowledge and passion of Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner. It transforms your every touch into expressive tone, delivering soulful sound straight from your fingertips. The fully-featured preamp offers a wealth of sonic riches. A flip of t more . . .

Sale Price:$499.00
List Price: $629.00


Line6 Spider Jam 75 Watt 1x12 Guitar Amp

6 Months Special Financing
Spider Jam lets you play like a pro, with the pros Spider Jam is the ideal tool for any level of artist who wants to perfect their jammin skills. Over 100 Endless Jams using real audio tracks from real-life LA session players, making the experience like playing alongside a pro b more . . .

Sale Price:$399.99
List Price: $829.99

image of LINE6 SPIDERIV75

Line6 Spider IV 75 75 Watt 1x12 Guitar Amp

6 Months Special Financing
Line6 Spider IV 75 75 Watt 1x12 Guitar Amp What's so special about Spider IV amplifiers? Spider IV guitar amps redefine what is sonically possible from modeling amplifiers. Each one delivers an inspiring collection of amp models, extraordinary effects and a truly evolved playin more . . .

Sale Price:$299.99
List Price: $499.99

image of ROLAND FS5U

Roland FS5U Footswitch

Roland FS-5U Footswitch. Momentary on/off while engaged (punch in and out) more . . .

Sale Price:$34.99
List Price: $40.50

image of CRATE CFS1

Crate CFS1 1 Button Footswitch

Crate CFS1 Single foot pedal for selected Crate box mixers, keyboard amps. Check owners manual for compatibility more . . .

Sale Price:$19.99
List Price: $39.99


Line6 MICROSPIDER 6 Watt Mono Portable Combo Amplifier

Special Financing Available
Full of features made famous by the other, larger Spider amplifiers, Micro Spider is stuffed to the gills with great sounds, intuitive functions and easy-to-use controls. Every detail and nuance was chosen to make Micro Spider the essential portable amplifier. SOUNDS * Four Sp more . . .

Sale Price:$134.99
List Price: $249.99

image of MARSHALL MC212

Marshall MC212 2x12 130 Watt Cabinet

6 Months Special Financing
Marshall is now shipping the MC212an affordable, UK-built extension cabinet suitable for use with a full-sized guitar amp more . . .

Sale Price:$400.00
List Price: $560.00

image of VOX AC30C2

Vox AC30C2 30 Watt 2x12 Combo

12 Months Special Financing
The VOX AC30 combo amp has been an icon for decades, known as the sound that powered the 1960s' "British Invasion." Based on the classic AC30 design, the all-new Custom Series AC30C2 and AC30C2X offer numerous up-to-date enhancements, delivering the most versatile AC30 more . . .

Sale Price:$1099.99
List Price: $1540.00

image of FENDER 0213202-000

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amplifier

12 Months Special Financing
Three-channel Hot Rod tube preamp coupled to a matched pair of Groove TubeTM 6L6s delivering a blistering 40 Watts. Single 12 Fender Special Design speaker, chicken head knobs, EFX Loop and external speaker jack. Don't be fooled by this amps portability this is a loud, penetratin more . . .

Sale Price:$699.00
List Price: $1060.00


Traynor YCV80Q Amp Cover

Get the Best Price on Traynor YCV80Q Amp Cover more . . .

Sale Price:$39.95
List Price: $39.95

image of FENDER 0050249-000

Fender Cover for Acoustasonic Jr

Fender Cover for Acoustasonic Jr Protect your investment with a fitted Fender(r) amplifier cover. Covers are available in different colors and sizes to fit most Fender amplifiers and extension cabinets. Brown nylon cover designed to fit Acoustasonic(tm) Junior amplifiers manu more . . .

Sale Price:$22.00
List Price: $40.00

image of ROLAND FS5L

Roland FS5L Footswitch

Roland FS-5L Footswitch. Permanent on/off for stop/start. more . . .

Sale Price:$34.99
List Price: $40.50

image of ROLAND FS1

Roland FS1 Footswitch

Roland FS-1 Footswitch. Round. Roland FS-1 Footswitch. Round. more . . .

Sale Price:$29.99
List Price: $32.00

image of FENDER 0050250-000

Fender '65 Twin Cover

Fender '65 Twin Cover Genuine Fender black vinyl black vinyl amp cover.For amplifiers with dimensions Height 19.87 Width 26.5 Depth 10.5 more . . .

Sale Price:$22.00
List Price: $40.00

image of FENDER 0037966-000

Fender Cover Vibrolux

Fender Cover Vibrolux Bach Stradivarius Professional Trumpets, Cornets Flugelhorns Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create brass instruments of unequaled total quality - instruments which today remain the sound choice of artists wor more . . .

Sale Price:$22.00
List Price: $40.00


Traynor YCV20 Amplifier Cover

Traynor YCV20 Amplifier Cover Cover for Traynor YCV20 amplifier. more . . .

Sale Price:$29.95
List Price: $31.99

image of FENDER 2300100000

Fender Mustang I 20W 1x8 Guitar Amp

Special Financing Available
Mustang I is a 20-watt closed-back combo with an 8" Special Design speaker that sounds great and pumps serious volume. It contains 24 highly accurate on-board amp presets with tones from vintage Fender sparkle to outrageous modern metal distortion, and a bank of 24 built-in more . . .

Sale Price:$119.99
List Price: $159.99

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