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Drum Patch Cables

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image of HOSA STP203

Hosa STP203 - Insert Send/Return Cable 10Ft.

Send / Return (Insert) Cable: 1/4 TRS Male to Two 1/4 TS Males Send Return (also known as a Insert Cable), conventionally wired: TIP = Send, RING = Return. Can be used as a "Y" to split stereo signal into Left and Right. In this case, Right = RING and Left = TIP. STP-2 more . . .

Sale Price:$10.99
List Price: $13.20

image of HOSA STP802

Hosa STP802 Send / Return Cable

Multi Channel Send / Return (Insert) Snake- One of these Send-Return snakes is like getting four individual send-return cables in one easy to manage snake. Perfect for connecting four insert jacks at the console with the ins and outs of four outboard processors in your rack. One more . . .

Sale Price:$25.95
List Price: $36.00

image of HOSA TRS204

Hosa STP203 - Insert Send/Return Cable 10Ft.

This cable is designed to connect a channel insert on a mixing console to an effects processor with phono jacks. Leads are labeled TIP (send) and RING (return) to aid in identification. Features include: more . . .

Sale Price:$10.50
List Price: $10.50

image of HOSA STP803

Hosa STP803 10 foot Insert Send/Return Cable 8 channels

These snakes are for effects-loop wiring from a mixer's insert jacks. STP- Series models are for connection to four outboard devices which have conventional 1/4 Phone jacks. TRS-Series models are for connection to four devices which employ RCA-type jacks. Multi Channel Send / Ret more . . .

Sale Price:$28.95
List Price: $45.00