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Boss DR3 Drum Machine

6 Months Special Financing
DR-3 Dr. Rhythm Product Description With the DR-3 Dr. Rhythm, guitarists and songwriters can add incredible-sounding drums to their music. This ultra-affordable drum machine includes some of Boss' best acoustic and electronic drum kits and a selection of bass sounds. Great for j more . . .

Sale Price:$219.99
List Price: $308.50

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Roland RMP5 Rhythm Coach

6 Months Special Financing
Advanced Rhythm Trainer with Built-In Sounds The RMP-3 made headlines when it was announced in early 2005. Today Roland builds on its winning rhythm line with the new RMP-5. Sharing a few key features in common with the popular RMP-3, the RMP-5 has a convenient one-piece molded b more . . .

Sale Price:$229.00
List Price: $279.00

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Roland AIRA VT3 Voice Transformer

6 Months Special Financing
You Can Aggressively processed vocals are common in electronic music today, but producing these effects easily and reproducing them live has been a challenge—until now. With the VT-3 Voice Transformer, you can smoothly alter pitch and format in real time to introduce heavily pro more . . .

Sale Price:$199.00
List Price: $0.00

Image of ROLAND undefined

Roland TB3 Touch Bassline

6 Months Special Financing
Based on the wildly influential TB-303, the new TB-3 Touch Bassline is a performance-ready bass synthesizer with authentic sound and intuitive controls engineered to play. The TB-3 contains the unmistakable character of its predecessor, wrapped in a modern package with a pressure more . . .

Sale Price:$299.00
List Price: $0.00

Image of ROLAND undefined

Roland AIRA TR8 Rhythm Performer

12 Months Special Financing
The Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer;Authentic TR-808 and TR-909 Experience in a Modern, Performance-Ready Instrument The TR-8 is a performance rhythm machine that melds the legendary sound and vibe of the TR-808 and TR-909 with features and functions for the modern age. Genre-defini more . . .

Sale Price:$499.00
List Price: $0.00

Image of ZOOM undefined

Zoom RT223 Drum Machine

Special Financing Available
All-New Drum Machine! From the "masters of drum sounds" comes the first new drum machine in over a year. Small in size and light in weight, this low-profile, easy to use Drum & Bass machine will go anywhere. The range of drum kits built into the RT-223 is amazing. A to more . . .

Sale Price:$149.00
List Price: $249.99

Image of ROLAND undefined

Roland RMP12 Rhythm Coach / Marching Percussion

12 Months Special Financing
A revolutionary instrument for marching percussion, the new RMP-12 brings an exciting new dimension of portable sound and expression. With its tension adjustable mesh drum head and integrated V-Drums sound module loaded with hundreds of instantly-selectable instruments and sound more . . .

Sale Price:$599.00
List Price: $703.00

Image of ROLAND undefined

Roland OP-RMP12 Marching Carrier Attachment for RMP-12

Special Financing Available
Attaches RMP-12 to standard marching drum carriers Attaches RMP-12 with one quick action Securely locks the RMP-12 for a solid performance Angle is adjustable vertically Allows the RMP-12 to be folded toward the player more . . .

Sale Price:$109.00
List Price: $139.00

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