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The PSR-OR700 keyboard was designed for today's Middle Eastern, Arabic and Mediterranean music lover with some very cool content, scale tune panel buttons with memory, MegaVoice and modeling and USB jack for connecting peripheral storage devices.

The PSROR700 gives you the same ultra-quality sounds found on top-of-the-line PSR models, with Arabic, Maghrebi, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish and Greek styles to the regular collections. Further, oud, nay, sorna, mizmar, and watariyat voices are added so that you can create music with oriental scale tunings. Use the scale setting feature to create and instantly call up authentic tuning for whatever music style you play. Newly designed panel layout makes operating and playing exceptionally easy and intuitive. *The Data List contains various important preset content lists such as Multi Pads and Effects, as well as MIDI-related information. The Data List is available for downloading from the Yamaha Manual Library.


61 regular-sized touch sensitive keys and 96-note polyphony.

Wide Selection of Voices & Styles

Total of 862 high-quality instrument voices (317 panel voices, 43 Oriental voices, 480 XGlite voices, 16 Drum Kits and 6 Oriental drum kits), and 314 accompaniment styles (including 146 Oriental Styles)

Oriental Scales

The Oriental Scales feature lets you simply and easily raise or lower the pitches of specific notes and create your own scales. You can change the scale settings at any time-even when you are playing. The scale settings can be stored for instant recall, whenever you need them.

MegaVoice Technology

It features multiple samples across the keyboard with sophisticated velocity switching - for incredibly authentic instrument sounds. It contains not only the basic samples of the instrument but also the performance techniques used with it. On a guitar for instance, players will hear open and mute string sounds, dead notes, hammering effects, slide effects, harmonics and a wide range of strum and body noises. In technical terms, MegaVoice duplicates an instrument's behavior. In sonic terms, this gives the keyboard stunningly realistic sounds.

Organ Flutes

This special function not only gives you a full set of rich and luscious organ sounds, it also lets you create your own original organ voices, just as on a traditional organ, by increasing and decreasing the flute footages, and adding percussive sounds.

Music Finder

When you want to play in a certain genre of music but don't know which settings to choose, what can you do? Music Finder has the answer. It offers an extensive range of music styles with pre-programmed voices and effects setups. Search for suitable styles. It instantly call up the best-suited voices, tempo and accompaniment style to match the song name or music style you wish to play. Simply call up a song title and start playing.


Insert a USB flash memory in the USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument. It would let you save or load the registered settings and user songs created on the instrument, as well as read data from the connected device.

USB TO HOST Terminal

Dive in and take advantage of the wide world of computer music software. Connections and setup are exceptionally easy, and you can play back your computer recorded parts with different instrument sounds - all from a single instrument.

Yamaha PSR-OR700 Portable Keyboard Features:

*Oriental (Arabic, Turkish, Greek etc.) Styles and Voices
*10 MegaVoices
*96-note polyphony
*360 Voices + 22 Drum + 480 XG + 265 GM2 + 235 GS
*11 Sweet!, 5 + 18 Cool! and 1 + 14 Live! Special Voices
*Tuning buttons for different scales on the panel
*168 regular Arranger styles + 146 special Oriental Styles
*USB To Device: connect storage devices like FDD and hard drives
*Large Full Dot Backlit LCD Screen: Displays Lyrics and Notation
*22 Drum Kits
*3 Style Intros/Endings with dedicated buttons, 4 variations & fill-ins
*Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels for more expressive playing
*96 notes polyphony and GM2/XG/GS
*Separate L & R audio in/out jacks and foot volume pedal jack
*Interactive help in 5 languages

Included with the PSR-OR700
Owner's Manual
Accessory CD-ROM
Music Rest

Warranty Information:

Tech Support 714.522.9011 (Pianos -3Years parts and labor / Pro audio- 1 year parts and labor / Power amps/speakers- 3 years parts and labor / PSR keyboards- 1 year parts and 90 days on labor / Pro keyboards- 1 year parts and 1 year labor / Edrums- 1 year parts and 90 days on labor / Guitars/Acoustic- lifetime limited / Guitars/Electric- 1 year parts and 1 year labor) The P, N, YDP, PF, CP,DGX640(excluding P65 & YDP131) series digital pianos now have a limited warranty for 3 years parts and 3 years labor.Yamaha Website
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Yamaha products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Yamaha PSROR700 Oriental/Persian Keyboard >> Discontinued >> See New PSRA2000


This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
SAVE on the new model below!

Important Note:

The PSROR700 has been replaced by the PSRA2000.

SEE Yamaha PSRA2000 Oriental / Persian Portable Keyboard

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Customer Reviews:

Review of Yamaha PSROR700 Portable Keyboard PSROR700KIT Discontinued

Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality 10
Features 10
Ease Of Use 9
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10

Based on 2 Reviews.

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Review of YAMAHA PSR-OR700


Sound Quality 10
Features 10
Ease Of Use 9
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10
This Keyboard was made for me Specially ... OR-700 is very nice amazing Life Sound

Review of YAMAHA PSR-OR700


Sound Quality 10
Features 10
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10
tpsr or 700 a sounds is good quality arabic

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