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Pictured Above is Rosewood

In spite of the fact that we brought an unprecedented number of new guitar models to this year’s NAMM Show, the guitars that created the most buzz—poor choice of words but I’m trying to cut to the chase here—were the S&P Showcase Series guitars. Where all S&P models are now made with the compound-curve (CC) design, the Showcase Series take the concept a couple of steps further. To begin with, our very best solid spruce tops are chosen for these instruments. Each of these tops are graded according to weight and stiffness with only those that offer exceptional light weight and rigidity making it on to a Showcase model. The tops are supported by a super-light—but strong—species of Adirondack spruce. The new bracing is scalloped to tune the tops for maximum response. The Showcase guitars produce a rich/complex sound that virtually jumps out of the box with minimal coaxing. Dynamic range is excellent and these guitars work equally well performing a softly plucked ballad or bashing some rock out of them.

New Logo

Now that Simon & Patrick has a new voice we thought it might be nice to give them a new look as well. So we have a new logo and a new peg head design that features a maple veneer trimmed with a beveled cut to leave a natural highlight line. All of the new compound-curve (CC) models include the new headstock.

All of the standard S&P models have also been updated with the CC top and the change is paying big dividends in the sound department here as well. Although every S&P is a ‘new model’ following the design change, most of them are updates of previous models. There are however a couple of completely new instruments in the lineup.

S & P 6 Showcase-Mahogany
Body- Solid Mahogany Back
Top- Solid Spruce
Finish- High Gloss Lacquer

* B-Band A4.2 Electronics CALL FOR PRICING

Simply put: these guitars are the best we have ever made!


Simon and Patrick Showcase Mahogany with Case + Free Tuner, Stand, Strap and Care Kit


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"Danny, I received my guitar (Martin SWDGT) on Wednesday and have been so busy playing I haven't had time to email you to tell you how much I like it. It is the fourth guitar I've owned and it is the finest. I appreciate receiving it so quickly. I also wanted to say how much I like your website and how easy it is for someone like me who is computer handicapped to get around on it. I'll be looking for another guitar in the future and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. Thanks so much, Randy"

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