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Roland Fantom-X6/X7/X8

The Fantom-X Series are the world’s first “Giga-Workstation” keyboards, giving musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded and powerful 128-voice polyphony. The synthesis section has all-new waveforms and room for 4 SRX expansions, while the sampler’s RAM can be expanded to 544MB—enough memory to use like a digital recorder. The Fantom-X Series is also the first line of workstation keyboards with a color LCD screen. Between these features and their sleek new looks, the Fantom-X Series is poised to become the workstation of choice.

· 128-voice workstations with 61-note keyboard (FantomX6), 76-note keyboard (FantomX7), or 88-note (FantomX8) Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
· Seamless integration of audio and MIDI using gorgeous new ROM waves and sampling with realtime timestretch capability
· 128MB wave ROM includes quality-focused sounds like 88-key multi-sampled piano and more
· 32MB sample RAM expandable to 544MB with optional DIMMs
· New color LCD screen—a first in a workstation keyboard!
· Innovative features like Skip Back Sampling, Dynamic Pad Bank and V-LINK
· 3 MFX processors, plus dedicated reverb, chorus and mastering processor
· USB port for MIDI, .WAV/AIFF file exchange and 4x SRX expansion
· PC card slot for backing up samples and data with up to 1GB capacity
· 4 line outputs (2 stereo or 4 mono) stereo line input and 24-bit s/pdif i/o

Powered by rolands Groundbreaking New Synthesis Chip

The new Roland Fantom X-series comes in a choice of three keyboards, but they all have one thing in common: Rolands new sound generator chip. This chip is Rolands most powerful to date, and it not only makes it possible to play expressive 4-tone patches with 128-voice polyphony, but it also raises the Fantom-X Series' waveform capacity to approximately 1 GB when fully expanded-far more memory than any other instrument on the market. Whats more, the internal wave ROM has been doubled with Quality-focused sounds that will please even the most jaded player.

Sampler or Digital Recorder?

Thanks to the power afforded by the sound generator chip, you get both. Thats because the FANTOMX is the first workstation keyboard capable of handling audio on the level of a digital recorder. This means you can record either short samples for playback on the keyboard, or long, linear takes similar to a digital recorder. And with room for up to 544MB of sample RAM, theres plenty ofrecording time available. Samples can be slaved to tempo with realtime timestreching and edited using powerful tools like wave EDIT and CHOP. Users are free to load samples im .WAV and AIFF formats and back up data to convenient PC cards with up to 1GB capacity.

Expressive New Sounds Abound

When Roland Engineers developed the Fantom-X Series, they wanted to fully exploit the potential of the new chip. Thats why each keyboard comes with a brand new 128MB wave ROM loaded with quality-focused sounds like vivid new string sections, expressive and fat-soundind drums, rich nylon string guitars and an amazing 88 key split acoustic piano, which uses individual stereo multi-samples for each key and every velocity stage. Would you believe there are over 700 samples used in this single patch? Many of the instruments were recorded in world class studios using vintage tube microphones with the highest quality preamps and converters, and were mixed by respested studio engineer/producer Dan Blessinger (Martinsound)-resulting in a level of quality and musically rivaled by few.

The Only Workstations with Skip Back Sampling and a Dynamic Pad Bank

First introduced on theFantom-S, Roland's Skip Back Sampling has become popular with musicians for its ability to instantly retrieve a performance and turn it into a sample. With skip back sampling, your ideas never get lost because the sampler is constantly recording every note you play- be it on the keyboard or Dynamic Pad Bank- while keeping the musical barns intact. Speaking of which, these 16 velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive pads now sport twice the polyphony and an improved feel for even more natural drum programming and sample triggering.

A True Audio/MIDI Workstation

Whether sequencing MIDI tracks, triggering samples from the Dynamic Pad Bank, or even recording audio directly to RAM, the FantomX Series makes putting it all together a seamless process. Lay down a drum track by combining the internal drum sounds with loops, which can automatically sync to tempo via realtime timestretch. Then record some keyboard parts as MIDI and finish your song by tracking a guitar or vocal as audio. The high resolution sequencer boasts up to 400,000- note capacity and supports Standard MIDI File (SMF) import and export, making the Fantom-X by far the best workstation in history.

Dazzling Color LCD Screen

The FantomX Series isthe first line of workstation keyboards with a color LCD screen. And once youve seen this displays smart, color-coded screens, you'll never want to go back! With all the menus and screens in color, navigating the Fantom-X becomes that much more lifelike, adding to the overall experience.

Complete Studio Effects and Mastering Tools

Onboard effects include seperate reverb and chorus processors, plus three multi-effects processors loaded with sound sculpting tools ideal for creative sampling. These include algorythms like COSM Guitar amp modeling, LO_FI processing, tempo-synced delay, Slicer, Isolator, multiple effects chains and more. (IN Pefformance mode, all three MFX can be configured for full parallel or complete serial use- or any combination in between.) When youre ready to mix down, simply switch on the dedicated mastering processor with multi-band compression for tight, punchy mixes.

Get Connected with USB

The onboard USB port serves two funtions: First, it can be used as a USB-MIDI interface, eliminating the need for an external MIDI interface. Second, it can be used to import and export audio in WAV/AIFF format. now its easy to bring in samples from your computer and use them in a sequence. likewise, you can quickly mix down your song, re-sample it in stereo, and then transfer the file to a computer for cCD-burning.

The Standard By Which All Other Workstations Are Measured

The Fantom-X Series are the world's first workstation keyboards to give musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded and powerful 128-voice polyphony. The synthesis section's new waves include a gorgeous 88-key split stereo-sampled piano, plus room for 4 SRX expansions. The sampler can be upgraded to 544MB of RAM, which provides enough recording time to use it like a digital recorder. The Fantom-X Series is also the first line of workstation keyboards with a colour LCD screen. Between these features and their sleek new looks, the Fantom-X Series is poised to become the workstation of choice.

V-LINK: The Future of Performance
The Fantom-X Series is not only a great choice for studio musicians, but also for live performers. Using Roland's V-LINK technology, musicians can trigger and manipulate video clips when connected to an Edirol video editor like the DV-7PR. Imagine being able to instantly trigger clips from the Dynamic Pad Bank, or create transitions and effects using the pitch bender and knobs. It's a live performer's dream!

Dedicated Piano Button
Choose the Fantom-X8 model, and you'll get an 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard designed to capture the feel of a fine concert grand. It's the perfect way to play the amazing new 88-key split piano Patch, which can be instantly called up by pressing the Fantom-X Series' dedicated Piano button. Of course, this button can be reprogrammed to call up a different Patch or Performance in any order, so it's almost like having an extra Favorite Sounds button. Regardless of which model you choose, you'll find nothing else compares to the new Fantom-

Warranty Information:

Tech Support 323.890.3700 (1 year parts and 90 days labor / 3 years on amplifiers) Roland Website
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Roland products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Roland FANTOM X8 Workstation with FREE Stand, Pedal, Phones, Cable and Shipping!!!


This item has been discontinued.

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Customer Reviews:

Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality 10
Features 9
Ease Of Use 9
Value 9
Reliability 10
Overall 9

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Sound Quality 10
Features 10
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 10
This keyboard blows my mind away...I think if you are looking to buy a keyboard you will never have to replace than this is the one. The main reason I bought it was the electric piano sounds (and optional SRX), these sounds are truley amazing. From a dirty wurly to a mellow mark I stage...this has it all...including realtime adjustment of chorus, tremelo, eq, and other parameters. It is going to take me a while to even begin to learn all the options this keyboard has...but you can basically get any sound you want out of this keyboard (not good for organ obviously because keys are weighted...the keys feel great for piano e piano!).

-Stevens Point, WI, 02/11/06



Sound Quality 10
Features 10
Ease Of Use 10
Value 10
Reliability 10
Overall 9
An Amazing worstation, probably the best after the Oasis. the only problem is that it is very very heavy! (X 8 model)

-Israel, 08/09/05



Sound Quality 10
Features 9
Ease Of Use 9
Value 9
Reliability 10
Overall 9
Rolands customer service is horrible. If there is a bug they just tell you that it is normal operation and blow you off. They promised conversion software and we have yet to see that either. Roland has some of the worst and slowest customer service of any manufacturer. If you have noticed that you can only import samples to the user area and not to the card like the Fantom S or the Fantom XR,then consider signing this petition below to get this fixed. Only being able to import to the User area and then moving the samples one by one to the card is ridiculous considering all other models besides the X series keyboards do it.


See all reviews of ROLAND FANTOMX8.

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