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Image of Hammond Hammond XPK100
Hammond XPK-100 13 Note Midi Pedal Price: $635.00
The Hammond Pro line division are proud to introduce the XPK-100 Pedalboard. Simply plug it in, connect it to your keyboard via MIDI, 
and you're ready to enhance your playing with bass lines provided by your foot, leaving your hands free to play melody and accompaniment.
 And, when used in conjunction with Hammonds XK-2 and XB-1 Drawbar Keyboards, the XPK-100 allows you to create a full blown Hammond Organ. More...

Image of Roland ROLAND FC300 500145
Roland FC300 Midi Foot Controller Price: $449.00
The Next-Generation Control Station FC-300 The FC-300 sets a new standard of power, versatility for MIDI foot control. With features such as bi-directional MIDI data flow to the Roland VG-99 via newly More...

Image of Roland ROLAND EV7 500482
Roland EV-7 Expression Pedal Price: $239.00
Roland EV-7 Expression Pedal . Volume control, extended range.

Image of Korg KORG XVP10 500559
Korg XVP10 Expression Pedal Price: $159.99
Tired of incresing and decreasing the Volume knob of your Musical Instrument with your hands while playing live. Now you have a high quality solution for your problems. The KORG XVP10 is a Stereo Volume More...

Image of Roland ROLAND EV5 8012
Edirol/Roland EV5 Expression Pedal Price: $99.99
The EV-5 Expression Pedal is designed for use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible instruments and devices, providing a more dynamic performance. You can set the minimum volume to the level of More...

Image of Yamaha LP255W
Yamaha LP255W 3 Pedal Assembly for P-255W Piano Price: $89.99
Three piano-style pedals for the same kind of functional sustain, sostenuto and soft control found on grand pianos. This unit fits the L255W standand is designed for use with theYamaha P-255W digital piano.

Image of Korg KORG MBEC5 501631
Korg EC-5 Pedal Price: $87.95
Five momentary footswitches conveniently mounted in a single compact unit. Connects with a 6-pin cable (included). The EC5 is used primarily with Korg Arranger keyboards. Functions are determined by the More...

Image of Korg KORG MBEXP2 501639
Korg EXP2 Foot Controller Price: $79.99
Korg EXP2 Expression Pedal Use the EXP2 foot controller with your Korg keyboard to control volume, or any other controlling function your keyboard is able to do.

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA LP7A 500035
Yamaha LP7A 3-pedal unit for DGX640/YPG635/DGX630 Price: $79.99
3-Pedal Unit for YPG-635, Features Damper/Soft/Sostenuto pedals, half pedaling, and left pedal can control muted Trumpet (#40) and Classical Guitar (#90)

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA LP5A 701138
Yamaha LP5A Pedal Assembly Price: $74.99
3-pedal unit for the P95B, P95S, and P115B digital pianos. Requires the L85 or L85S stand. The LP5A gives the user the same type of pedals found on acoustic grand pianos; Sustain, sostenuto and soft control. More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA LP5 500034
Yamaha LP5 3-Pedal Unit for P95 and P105 Price: $74.99
The new optional LP5 pedal unit adds 3 piano-style pedals when mounted to the optional L85 stand. And this premium accessory wouldnt be complete without delivering Yamahas trademark half-damper effect More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA PA300
Yamaha PA300 Power Supply Price: $69.99
Power Supply for YPG525, YPG535, YPG625, YPG635

Image of Korg KORG MBDS1H
Korg DS1H Damper Pedal Price: $65.99
Korg Piano damper switch Heavy-duty piano damper switch (sustain) for your Korg keyboard.

Image of Casio CASIO MBSP32 501780
CASIO SP32 Triple Pedal Option for PX130, PX330 Price: $59.99
Casio SP32 Triple Pedal Option for Casio PX130 and PX330 digital pianos.

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA FC-7 500023
Yamaha FC7 Heavy-duty Volume Pedal Price: $49.99
The FC7 is a heavy-duty volume controller with "fortissimo function," which enables the user to accent certain parts of a performance. Adjustable pedal angle, spring point adjustment and a metal connection More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA FC3 500022
Yamaha FC3 Dual Zone Piano Style Sustain Pedal Price: $49.99
Unlike most common pedals, the Yamaha FC3 sustain pedal has a unique dual zone that allows for different types of sustains. Add intensity and emotion to your musical performance with the help of the solidly-built More...

Image of Quiklok QUIKLOK MBVP26U 501797
Quiklok Volume/expression Pedal Price: $44.80
The VP26& pedal from Quiklok is the first UNIVERSAL VOLUME PEDAL designed to control the volume of at least five different brands of keyboards on the market today; Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Kurzweil and Ensoniq More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA MBSKD2 500065
Yamaha SKD2 for YPG235 NPV60 and NPV30 Price: $39.99
Designed to provide you with everything you need to get started. Kit includes power adaptor, headphones, footswitch, online educational subscriptions, extended warranty (additional one year parts & labor), More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA PA150 9200
Yamaha PA150 Adaptor YPG - NP Series Price: $39.99
Don't gamble with your musical instrument. Use only a genuine Yamaha power adapter. The PA-150 adapter replaces the PA-5D and is environmentally friendly by reducing the power when the musical instrument More...

Image of Maudio Maudio EXP 501638
M-Audio EXP EXPression Pedal Price: $39.95
M-Audio EXP Expression Pedal Feel the need to express yourself fully? M-Audios EX P expression controller pedal works with all M-Audio MIDI controllers that have an expression pedal input. A built-in More...

Image of Hammond Hammond FS9H
Hammond FS9H Foot Switch Price: $37.95
Hammond FS-9H Foot Switch for XB-2, XK-2, and XK-3 This foot switch can be programmed to control various functions on the XK-1, XK-2, XK-3, XK System, XE-1, XE-2, SK-1, and SK-2 keyboards. The jack provided More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA MBSKB2 500062
Yamaha SKB2 Survival Kit for EZ-AG EZ200 PSRE223E323 and DD45 Price: $34.99
Designed to provide you with everything you need to get started. Kit includes power adaptor, headphones, footswitch, online educational subscriptions, extended warranty (additional one year parts& labor), More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA MBSKC2 500064
Yamaha SKC2 Survival Kit for DD65/NPV80 Price: $34.99
Designed to provide you with everything you need to get started. Kit includes power adaptor, headphones, online educational subscriptions, extended warranty (additional one year parts& labor), Getting More...

Image of Yamaha YAMAHA MBSK88B 500066
Yamaha SK88B Survival Kit for YPG535 YPG635 DGX640C and DGX640W Price: $34.99
The Yamaha Survival Kit for the YPG525 and YPG625 contains the essential items needed to make using your Yamaha keyboard more enjoyable. Every box contains a pair of headphones, key cover, Watch & Learn More...

Image of Boss BOSS BRA120
Boss BRA-120 Adaptor Price: $32.00
12V, 500mA Power Supplyrecommended for the Roland DL-50, DR-660, EH-50, GE-21, GR-09, JX-1, ME-6/6B, MX-10, SC-33, SPD-11/20, TD-5, TU-50, and various BOSS effects pedals.