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PMD620 Hand-Held Digital Compact Recorder. Marantz Professional has developed the PMD620 to provide advanced functionality in a smaller, more convenient configuration that will reach into new markets, including the professional audio and MI markets, further emphasizing D&M's ongoing commitment to supplying customers with market-driven product solutions.

The PMD620 is Marantz Professional's newest and smallest handheld portable recorder—it fits easily in a hand or in a pocket, but packs quite a punch for its size. The PMD620 offers direct to MP3 recording in three quality levels, as well as fully uncompressed, CD-quality 44.1/48 kHz .wav format in 16 or 24-bit resolution, allowing the user to configure the PMD620 for a wide variety of applications, from extended-length voice recordings to high-quality music applications. Sound quality is enhanced by the inclusion of two condenser microphones on the PMD620, as well as line and external mic inputs, and an external mic output.

The new PMD620 also utilizes the SD flash memory card for data storage, a first for the PMD Series of recorders. SD (secure digital) is a highly stable and the most widely available flash media format, so users will have ready access to very cost-effective data storage. Additionally, the PMD620 accepts memory cards of high capacity (up to 2-TB 2048 gigabytes).

The PMD620 also offers editing capabilities that constitute a field recorder truly in a class by itself. Included in the firmware is "Copy Segment" editing, which uses non-destructive cut-and-paste-style editing to create a new sound file, which can be up/downloaded via the built-in USB port. Another menu feature, "Skip Back," allows transcribers the ability to review recorded audio from 1 to 60 previous seconds. And the PMD620's USB 2.0 port allows effortless drag-and-drop transfer of files to a PC. In fact, as powerful and feature-laden as it is, the PMD620 is simple to operate. "Level" and "Peak" LEDs let you know the status of your input signal, and you can toggle between four displays screens that provide elapsed time, time remaining and other key data.

Records WAV audio in 44.1/48KHz at 16 or 24 bit resolutions
Records direct to MP3 at three different quality levels (no word on what that means in terms of kpbs yet)
Includes 2 internal condenser mics, a 1/8th inch external mic input, and a 1/8th inch line input
First Marantz recorder to use SD flash memory with support for cards up to 2 TB (that's terabytes with a T)
You'll get a nifty little red glow when you're recording so you know you're recording
OLED display for low power consumption
Powered by 2 AA batteries
Configurable screen with 2 font sizes
Do basic non-destructive copy and paste style editing directly on the device
Transfer audio to your PC via USB 2.0
"Skip back" feature lets transcribers review audio recorded from 1 to 60 seconds go (we assume this means while you're still recording, which means this could be an ideal device for anyone who needs to transcribe audio in real-time, like courtroom reporters).
Level and Peak LEDs
Display can be set to show time remaining, elapsed time, or other important numbers.


Warranty Information:

Customer Service 866.405.2154 Tech Support email Marantz Website

Marantz PMD620 Digital Compact Recorder


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