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Bassman 250 / 115 Combo

Two of four new Bassman combos, the Bassman 250/210 and 250/115 are elegant pieces of bass amplification designed to deliver full power through a compression driver horn and two great sounding 10” drivers or one 15” speaker. Designed to be portable, yet loud enough for gigging, all Bassman models have a high quality XLR output great for recording or amplifying a live signal. The full horn attenuator allows the player to
accommodate a range of tones from bright thumb-style playing (full horn) to warm upright bass tones (horn off) and anything in between.

The Bassman 250/210 and 250/115 combos feature:
• Full power internal (250 watts)
• Fender∆ Special Design Eminence∆ USA PRO speakers
• Compression Driver high frequency horn with attenuator control
• Real wood cabinet
• Removable casters
• Spring loaded handles

Model Name Bassman 250 / 115 Combo

Series Bassman Series
Type Solid State Bass Amplifier Combo
Output 250 Watts
Ohms 4 ohms
Speakers 1-15" Fender Special Design Eminence® USA PRO 4 ohm, 250 watt Speaker, P/N 0064044000
1 Compression Driver High Frequency Horn P/N 0048847000
Channels 1 Channel
Features -6dB Input Pad (for High Output Basses)
XLR Line Out Jack for Recording or PA Feed,
High Frequency Horn with 3-Position Attenuator Switch (FULL / -6 dB / OFF)
RCA Auxilliary Input Jacks for Playing Along with Tape or CD,
Mute Switch,
Tuner Output,
Effects Loop,
Headphone Jack (Automatically Cuts Signal to Speaker for Privacy),
Plywood Cabinet (No Particle Board),
Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Handles,
Controls Front Panel Controls:
-Input Jack
- -6dB input pad (for high output basses)
-Input volume (to set proper incoming level)
-Compressor (fixed threshold, adjustable ratio)
-Contour (a variable scoop applied to the MID section for slap style playing)
-Bass, Low and High Semi-Parametric Midrange (Freq / Level), Treble
-XLR output with Level control, PRE/POST switch and Ground Lift switch (live, recording)
-Mute switch (with LED to indicate Mute ON)
-Master Volume

Rear Panel Controls:
-Speaker Out (4 Ohm min, full power internal, unplug internal cable for use with external cabinet)
-Headphone input (for silent practice)
-AUX in (RCA style input jacks for use with CD player or similar)
-Effects Loop (send and return)
-Tuner Out (still functions when the amplifier is MUTED)
-Removable IEC style cable
Covering Black Carpet with Black Metal Grille and Brushed Aluminum Control Panel
Weight 39 lbs. (17.69 kg)
Dimensions Height: 21" (53.34 cm),
Width: 19.25" (48.89 cm),
Depth: 17.25" (43.8 cm)
Power Handling N/A
Tube Complement N/A
Shipping Weight 38 lbs.
Cover Uses Cover, p/n 0069637000, (Not Included)
Accessories None
Introduced 1/2005
Footswitch None

Warranty Information:

Fender (Guitars- Limited Lifetime., Electronic Products: 90 Days; Power and pre-amplifier tubes, lamps, meters & cables. 180 Days: Groove Tubes brand pre-amplifier tubes. 1 Year: Speakers, drivers, cabinets & cabinet hardware. Fender or Squier SP-10 amplifier. 5 Year Transferable: Electronic circuit boards and assemblies.). Fender Website PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Fender products outside the U.S. and its territories.

Fender Bassman 250/ 115 Combo w/ Free Cable!


This item has been discontinued.

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Overall Rating by Customers:

Sound Quality 1
Features 8
Ease Of Use 9
Value 1
Reliability 1
Overall 2

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Review of FENDER 2345500010


Sound Quality 1
Features 8
Ease Of Use 9
Value 1
Reliability 1
Overall 2
I had this shipped to me two months ago, I just got 3 days ago. I openned the box and it smelled like vomit. I tried to play it but the power cord had a huge slash in it(so it didn't work) and when I finnaly repaired it I couldn't get any sound out. I kicked it and the speaker fell off and spraid yellow slime all over me. I tried to put it back on but the amp started to smoke and left a big black mark on my wall. don't buy this amp!

-Some guy
-America, 11/26/05

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