Digital Piano Comparison

MODEL OUR PRICE Sound Quality for Price Action Sound System Arranger Pedal Inputs Polyphony Sequencer Total # of Sounds Effects Display Weight Other
PX150499.99GoodScaled Hammeryesno31282 track188none25lbs
PX350699.99GoodScaled Hammeryesno31282 track2508LCD25lbs
SP280699.99GoodWeighted Hammeryesno1120n/a303none42lbs
F120SB1299.99GoodGraded Hammeryesno31281 track305none75lbs
P105B599.99GoodGraded Hammeryesno31282 track1410none26lbs
YDPS511699.99GreatGraded Hammeryesno31282 track104none80lbs
P255B1299.99GreatGraded Hammeryesno22562 Track2411LED38lbs
CP401699.99GoodGraded Hammernono11282 track29783LCD36lbs
CP4 2299.99GoodGraded Hammernono21283 track43388LCD39lbs


  • All pianos have 88-keys, hammer-action, midi ports and 1 or 2 headphone jacks unless otherwise noted.
  • Graded/Progressive action means the bass keys are heavier to the touch with treble keys lighter to the touch like a acoustic piano.
  • Hammer action means the weight and feel are like that of an acoustic piano.
  • Arranger means the model has auto accompaniment and/or rhythm styles that follow your playing with other sounds.
  • Polyphony is the simultaneous number of notes that can play. A stereo sound or a crossfaded recording would use 2 notes of polyphony.