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SUB 12
Active • Compact • 19kg/42lbs • 400W/RMS • 127dB

With this, we have probably already mentioned the most important features of this compact, hi-tech band pass subwoofer made of 20 mm poplar multiplex.

The ideal complement to OPERA 110 and TWIN 128 is our
new 12" active subwoofer in a sexy outfit with exciting technical specifications and powerful thrust.
The 12" long stroke woofer with 3" oscillation coil moves up to
top form in the band pass housing. The 400W/RMS output stage
built up in the new innovative MT Amp Sean provides the necessary propulsion at an extremely low weight.

The MT amp design, produced in SMD technology, combines
high grade class H technology with new types of high-powered
components, higher efficiency and above all fewer components, which reduces costs. In addition, less weight and space requirements allow for a unique performance.
The integral active diplexer allows the simple build up of active systems, separates at 24 dB/octave at 100 Hz and can run both mono and stereo.

The temperature-controlled fan ensures adequate cooling, as the output stage is housed in an enclosed casing to reduce interference. The connection facilities are also
flexible: on the input side Neutrik combo sockets are provided for jack and XLR, whilst on the output side there are two XLR Parallel Outs and two XLR HF-X Over Outs available.

The integral dynamic soft clip limiter protects the system from overload. The 35 mm flange permits the use of a spacer bar.

DB Technologies Sub 12 OB2 Customer Return- ding/crushed corner- see pics


This item has been sold.
Please check Live Sound|Speakers|Powered Subwoofers| for related items,
or try SEARCH on SUB12.

This item has been sold.
Please check Live Sound|Speakers|Powered Subwoofers| for related items,
or try SEARCH on SUB12.

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