Allen & Heath WZ3144 MixWizard 3W314:4 Mixer

Allen & Heath WZ3144

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MixWizard compact mixers have carved out a unique place in the pro audio pantheon of professional multipurpose consoles. For years, and in every year, Allen & Heath has supplied thousands of MixWizards for hundreds of different applications, all of which have four requirements in common - great sound, high quality, ease of use and lots of really useful features.

We now present the third generation of MixWizard, with even better sound quality, new preamp design, tailored EQ frequencies, an extra mono output on fader which can switched to provide a sub-bass mix from channel aux 6, and several routing changes to make the engineer's life easier. Put together with new styling, extra lamp socket, new Sys-Link options and backup power supply and it's easy to see that we just made the best even better.

New Features for the MixWizard

    • Performance improvements with new mic preamp design and more responsive EQ.
    • Extended PA possibilities with control of aux fed subs on new mono output fader.
    • Channel phantom power switches and signal indicators added.
    • Addition of a versatile 6x2 matrix on WZ314:4:2.
    • User friendly options on aux sends and direct outputs.
    • XLR lamp socket. New Syslink options.
    • Slimmer build.
    • Pluggable jumper links.
    • Easy service construction.
    • New meter moulding design.
    • Extra feet on connector pod.
    • Universal rack or desk mount.
    • Dual stereo channel routing modes.
    • New side trims for style and portability.
    • Separate internal power supply module.
    • Dual redundant power supply connector added.
    • Balanced channel XLR normals through TRS for mic or line level XLR.
    • Pre-EQ aux option added for pre-insert, post-mute.
    • New surface mount technology

Mono Inputs
8 or 16 mic / line channels with 4 band EQ, HPF, individual phantom power, 6 auxes, mute switch, signal and peak indicator leds and 100mm smooth action fader. A configurable direct out and insert using all-metal TRS jacks are provided

Dual Stereo Inputs
WZ312:2 only - 2 dual stereo input channels with: ST1/3 and ST2/4 inputs have separate gain and on/off controls and can therefore be selected individually or mixed together. ST1/3 inputs can be routed direct to LR for even more versatility

Stereo Mix with AB out
Main output controlled by 100mm faders with 12 segment 3 colour metering with insert. A-B output for additional L&R stereo output selectable pre or post L&R faders. Unique underpanel mode switch to configure A-B as a local monitor output for additional stereo monitoring

Dedicated Mono Output
Mono fader feeds mono XLR output. Source select L+R sum or aux 6 mix for creating separate mono/C or aux fed sub mix

6 Auxiliary Sends
6 auxiliaries: 1-2 prefade (option: link to follow pre/post switch), 3-4 switchable pre/post fade (option: permanently prefade) and 5- and 6 post fade (option to follow pre/post switch). Internal option to configure stereo channel L signal to odd auxes and R signal to even auxes. Aux masters are rotary controls with TRS outputs. The aux busses can be monitored in mono or related stereo pairs

4 Band EQ plus HPF
Mono channels have separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid bands. HPF @ 100Hz is switchable

2 Stereo Returns
[TRS] line inputs, routed via level controls to L&R mix. ST1 can feed aux 1-4. Note: the internal FX returns to ST1. The ST1 input allows external FX to be mixed in

On-board Digital FX
32 FX programs with external midi editing / control. Can be configured in single mode (16 programs fed from aux 5) or Dual mode (8 programs fed from aux 5 plus another 8 programs fed from aux 6). FX are returned via ST1 to the mix, aux 1-4. The effects can be muted using a footswitch. WZ FX editor software is available by clicking here .exe

Engineer's Toolbox
Headphone output and local monitor possible, with separate level controls. Red led indicator when PFL on input channels is selected. PFL signal overrides the selected monitor source and L&R metering. A-B output can be configured as local stereo monitor

Maximum output level XLR +26dBu into 600 ohms max load
Jack +21dBu into 2k ohm max load
Internal headroom Channels +21dB
Mix +23dB
Meters 3 colour LED, quasi peak response
Sensitivity 0VU = +4dBu at XLR output
Master meters 12 segment -30 to +16dB
Channel meters 2 segment -12, +16dB (5dB before clip)
Frequency response 20Hz to 50kHz +/-0.5dB
THD+n at +10dBu 1kHz Channel to mix out < 0.004%
Crosstalk at 1kHz Fader shutoff >90dB
Channel mute >100dB
Inter channel >90dB
Noise, rms 22Hz to 22kHz Mic EIN -128dB
Residual output noise < -95dBu (-99dB S/N)
LR unity fader mix noise < -83dBu (-87dB S/N)
Channel HPF 12dB/octave below 80Hz
Mono EQ HF Shelving, +/-15dB, 12kHz
HM Peak/dip, +/-15dB, 500Hz to 15kHz, Q=1.8
LM Peak/dip, +/-15dB, 35Hz to 1kHz, Q=1.8
LF Shelving, +/-15dB, 80Hz
Stereo EQ HF Shelving, +/-15dB, 12kHz
HM Peak/dip, +/-15dB, 2.5kHz, Q=1.8
LM Peak/dip, +/-15dB, 250Hz, Q=1.8
LF Shelving, +/-15dB, 80Hz
Power supply Internal 100-240V, 50/60Hz auto sensing, IEC input
External Input for optional MPS12 backup supply
Power consumption 35W max
Mains fuse T630mA L 20mm
Free standing dimensions W 507 (20”) x D 530 (20.9”) x H 194 (7.7”)
Rack mounted W 483 (19”) x D 122 (4.8”) x H 444 (17.5”) 10U
Underside connectors
Rack mounted W 483 (19”) x D 193 (7.6”) x H 497 (19.6”) 11.2U
Rear connectors
Weight 10kg (22lbs)
WZ316:2 and 12:2 User Guide 25
Mono channel XLR balanced pin 2 hot Sensitivity -60 to +10dBu
TRS balanced, tip hot Sensitivity -40 to +10dBu
Pad out (MIC) 2k ohm
Pad in (MIC or LINE) >10k ohm, -20dB
Max input level +30dBu
XLR phantom power +48V, on/off
Stereo channel ST1,3 TRS unbalanced >10k ohm, -16 to +20dBu
ST2,4 TRS balanced >10k ohm, -16 to +20dBu
Stereo returns ST1(5) TRS balanced >10k ohm, -6 to +20dBu
ST2(6) TRS unbalanced >2k ohm, -2 to +20dBu
Inserts Channel TRS, tip send, ring return, 0dBu
Output TRS, tip send, ring return, -2dBu
L, R, M outputs XLR balanced pin 2 hot <75 ohm, +4dBu, +26dBu max
Aux 1-6 output TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, -2dBu, +21dBu max
Electronic balance option <75 ohm, +4dBu, +26dBu max
Direct out TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, 0dBu, +21dBu max
AB out TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, -2dBu, +21dBu max
Headphones TRS, tip L, ring R, 30 to 600 ohm headphones recommended
Lamp 4-pin XLR max 12V 5W lamp
MixWizard 3 Series Part Numbers
WZ312:2 8 mic/line, 2 dual stereo, LR console W31202/v
WZ316:2 16 mic/line LR console W31602/v
WZ314:4:2 10 mic/line, 2 dual stereo, 4 group console W31442/v
WZ312:2 and WZ316:2 Sys-Link II output option kit W312/16-SLV2
WZ314:4:2 Sys-Link II input/output option kit W31442-SLV2
SSM2142P balanced output driver option IC AE0302
DRV134 balanced output driver option IC (alternative to above) AE5725
Allen & Heath MPS12 backup power supply option MPS12/v
Allen & Heath 18” gooseneck LED lamp LEDLAMP


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